Love isn’t heart shaped chocolates and a dozen red roses

So next Tuesday is Valentines Day. I have never had to have that much to do with commercialised days before. However now having a job in retail, all commercialised days are days to promote and run events on.

Being an incredibly un romantic person, this year I find myself running Valentines Day competitions, blind date promotions, and buying heart shaped balloons and chocolates!

Maybe this year, I feel a little differently. Do people that don’t celebrate this day as they think it is just an over commercialised day actually wish their other half would treat them just a little?


This year my brother and I will be going for dinner and then off to watch Jack Whitehall at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham so I am not going to be home anyway.

No doubt that my brother and I will be having dinner surrounded by couples that feel the need to show their love to the world on this one day.

It is nice to acknowledge the day in some way, I do get that…but I don’t feel the need to have dozens of red roses, heart shaped chocolates and teddy bears delivered, or go to dinner on a Tuesday just because it is Valentines Day.

Having a partner and being in love means showing that person how you feel every day, not just on the 14th February.

roses in a cup

Love is being able to call your partner crying for no reason; screaming at them because you are frustrated with a situation and you don’t know what to do about it – even though it is not their fault.

Love is sharing laughter and cuddles. It is an argument over who has done the dishes the last 5 nights or telling your husband you want to punch him in the face because he eats too loudly.

Love isn’t heart shaped chocolates and a dozen red roses on Valentines Day.

So even though I think secretly everyone in a relationship wants a little something to acknowledge Valentines Day, lets put the day in to perspective and think about what love is really about.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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