Lettuce Shortages and eating loudly?!

Okay so last week on the news it had been reported that British Scientists identified a condition called Misophonia – this condition occurs when peoples brains become hardwired to produce an excessive emotional response to certain noises.

My husband had great pleasure in telling me that I officially have this condition. Mainly due to the fact I often tell him I want to punch him in the face when he eats dinner across from me at the table.

It really winds me up!

But, is this really a “condition” or is it just life and something that gets to some people more than others?

I do get annoyed with eating, and thought that it was just my husband that annoyed me; but I sat across the table from someone on my lunch break last week and even then I noticed they were eating loudly.

Were they eating loudly or are my ears just over sensitive? Is this a newsworthy story and is it really a good idea to state that some people now have a condition?

The second story that made me laugh last week was the lettuce shortage. Watching Good Morning Britain last week and them reporting outside a Tesco that had put a notice up to say you could only buy 3 lettuces due to the shortage did make me chuckle.


Who needs more than 3 lettuces? They only last 3 days anyway! So who eats a lettuce a day?

Actually I eat a lettuce a week, and I haven’t managed to get hold of an ice berg or a little gem in about 3 weeks.

But walking in to Tesco this morning whilst on the phone to my best friend, I saw a lot of ice berg lettuce available! Obviously getting over excited on the phone whilst my best friend was thinking I was some sort of mad lettuce obsessed woman it did make me laugh.

Don’t you know I have a “condition” after all?!

So what news stories have made you chuckle recently? There has been so much going on in the world, maybe we needed some silly non newsworthy stories to lighten it up a little bit.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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