Health Visitors and Milestones

So before Christmas I got sent a letter requesting a date and time for little mans 2-2 and a half year review by his health visitor.

It was only a few weeks ago I remembered and thought that I couldn’t make the date. It was at 10am on a Wednesday – I work full time.

After speaking to them earlier this week, they advised they can’t really see anyone earlier than 8.30am and later than 4pm. They even admitted themselves that they weren’t very flexible when it comes to full time working families because there are not many around any more.

I decided to book an 8.30am appointment and come into work later, then stay later to make up the hours.

Not being a fan of these ‘reviews’ I was already not looking forward to someone ticking off on a list what my son can and cannot do.

Being full time at nursery, they are always really quick to tell me their concerns about little man and how he is developing with his age. I had no concerns.

So after rushing through the 5 page questionnaire the evening before the review (yes naughty Mummy, I forgot), we were all set.

Needless to say that the review went absolutely fine and she didn’t have any concerns about what she saw from little man.

I am not a showing off type of mum that shouts about everything he does. Nor am I the type of mum that worries about everything that he doesn’t do.

I just take everything in its stride and take it a day, a week, a month at a time.

At the moment we haven’t even taken the sides off his cot yet. We will over the next few months, but he isn’t trying to jump out so why put unnecessary stress on things right now?

Again with potty training, he says when his nappy wants changing. If he is running around before bath time he will sit on the potty and go for a wee. He is becoming aware of everything, but I am not putting pressure on him…not yet anyway.

I am letting him enjoy life as he knows it. Because as we all know, life changes so quickly, I wish he didn’t have to grow up at all.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


2 thoughts on “Health Visitors and Milestones

  1. These reviews do seem more hassle than they are worth. I’m sure they are useful for parents with concerns, but for the majority it’s just hassle getting there! I think your attitude towards development is great. There’s no rush for ‘big bed’ or potty training. #coolmumclub

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  2. We had our 2 year review a couple of months back and what surprised me was that it was mainly all done at home using a questionnaire? First time around it was like a mini exam…to be honest at both I just spent the whole time slot venting every worry I had, even though I knew the text book answers.
    I totally hear you re. not rushing each stage – we are DEFINITELY waiting to do potty training in the summer holidays, mainly to utitlise the 6 week break from the school run!
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

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