A week of making plans for 2017

So what a week it has been! This year, I made a silent resolution to myself to make more plans with friends and family. This week has been full of diary entries for the year. I am officially excited.

Last weekend, my parents came up to visit and we had a great time. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a babysitter, but I made dinner and we sat round the dining table for hours just chatting, drinking prosecco and laughing.

We also took little man to all his swimming and football lessons, and took a trip to East Midlands Designer Outlet for a wander round on Saturday afternoon.

When they left on Sunday, we made sure we had something planned for March in the diary where we would go down to see them.

Tuesday, I appeared on Notts TV talking about a promotion we have on at work for Valentines. Okay, it wasn’t as if I was on Good Morning Britain but I was still pretty nervous and then proud once I had been on and it was all over.

Wednesday, we booked a holiday. An actual family holiday! The last family holiday was when little man was 10 months old and I found it incredibly challenging. We were in a villa in Spain, and there was no doubt that it was beautiful and lovely to be with family, but it was more stressful than I first thought it would be.

So we booked one…and my parents are coming along. A week in Majorca in an all-inclusive resort with a kids club, safari park and lots of sun, sea and sand!!

Okay so I actually booked the wrong week with Thomson and had to go back and plead with them to amend it the next morning….but once that was sorted I could then relax and get super excited.

I also managed to get Ed Sheeran tickets this week for his tour when he is here in Nottingham in April. He is definitely the only person I would make an effort to book tickets to go and see…so he is my guilty mum pleasure!

So it has been quite a week, but an incredibly positive week with lots to look forward to.

After the last few months, and the last few posts about how I have been feeling and what we have been going through, it is about time we turn a corner and look forward to an action packed 2017!

Have you made some exciting plans for the year so far?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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