The toddler runs the roost

I only started my blog when little man was 1 year old. A whole year had gone by before I started reporting the goings on within our new family unit.

If I had have started it before, I would have definitely been one of those mums that a lot of people would be screaming at. I didn’t really leave the house for a whole year, living my life in 3 hour blocks where I followed the E.A.S.Y routine (eat, activity, sleep, you time).

It worked, as little man was such an easy baby and he was really settled and generally a really happy child.

As you can imagine, it didn’t come without consequences. Those being that I had no social life, I had limited access to going out with friends and we didn’t see anyone at weekends. We didn’t travel far in fear of upsetting his routine and him being grouchy for the rest of the day.

Though, these to me were tiny consequences that I was not willing to compromise on.

Now little man is 2 and a half and a proper toddler growing quickly into a little boy, I have definitely been able to be more flexible. He still has an afternoon nap after his lunch, and as he is so active he definitely does need it.

I have started getting my social life back now and stepping back to let Daddy look after him a lot more without me being there to control every situation.

However there are still situations where I am not willing to compromise on and until he drops his nap at lunch time, those will still remain a factor in our weekend plans.

So even though the toddler runs the roost at home, I know that for the moment it is still for the best.

As much as I would love a Sunday lunch in a Country pub as a family, I know that I can wait another few months…

Then we can go for a roast dinner every Sunday if we wish once he doesn’t need a nap anymore.

It isn’t much really is it? Sacrificing a few personal wants for a happy toddler? Well I don’t think so anyway.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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