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A new wardrobe for a new year

This year I have decided to try and find a few new different items of clothing which I would not usually wear.

I want to become a bit more sophisticated and update my wardrobe accordingly…I am 28 this year and am a full time working mum after all.

To help with this, I wrote a list of items that were missing from my wardrobe that I wanted to try and hunt down over the next few weeks before Spring comes along.

These items were:

A pair of smart black flat shoes as I have a 10 min walk to work in the morning

A fitted shift dress to take me in to spring

A below the knee pleated skirt for lunches and evenings out

Patterned smart tops to pair with skirts for work

I usually shop in the same places, and am definitely a Topshop, Zara, Oasis, Warehouse kind of girl.

Although I do like getting a few smart pieces from Next occasionally.

I came across Love the Sales earlier this month and have now completely fallen in love with it. The website will show you everything in the sales from over 500 of the UK’s biggest retailers, then direct you to the correct website to purchase your items when you put them in your basket.

new skirt

It is the ideal online sale shopping platform. Plus it doesn’t just do ladies clothes; it does men’s, children’s and even homeware. It also puts all the discounted handbags in one place – which is a huge bonus if you have a weakness for handbags too which I certainly do.

So I will now spend the rest of the month looking through the website to see if I can finally start updating my wardrobe and finding some key pieces for 2017.

What key pieces would you like to put on your wish list this year?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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