Terrible Twos or a Threenager?

So you know that feeling you get when you walk in to nursery and the girls look at you and pull you to one side? You wonder what has happened…has your child been hurt, is everything okay?

I got pulled to one side this week to discuss little mans behaviour. He had been that naughty that they had to sit him to play and draw on his own as he was being so disruptive.

Obviously as you can imagine, I was mortified. The last thing anyone wants to hear is that their child has been naughty.

However, as he is in nursery 5 days a week for about 10 hours a day, they unfortunately witness and deal with these issues more than I do. I have no choice but to hang my head in shame and apologise and listen to what he has done and what they did to sort the situation.

So Wednesday morning he was dropped to nursery as normal. That evening I picked him up, sheepishly walking through the day.

They had put a reward chart system in place for all the children and little man had been a good boy all day. He had got lots of stickers and was so proud to show me them all and tell me about the good things he had done that day to help at nursery.

A reward chart was something that we had been discussing at home a while ago.

I also wondered whether what had been going on at home finally started being some what disruptive to little man. Toddlers are clever and do pick up on things even when you try and act like everything is normal.

So with a new reward chart and what looked like a brand new child, we both walked out of nursery with a spring in our step.

With little mans new ‘behaviour’ I did wonder whether it was just the terrible twos, or if it was too early to class him as a Threenager?

Or shockingly, could he be both? He is 2 and a half and being a very strong willed, stubborn….red headed little boy this might be a real thing.

I am used to the terrible 2s now and his tantrums as he has been having them for a while, yet now it has stepped up a gear….

Has anyone else been through the terrible twos x 1000???

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

The Pramshed

3 thoughts on “Terrible Twos or a Threenager?

  1. We are not at the terrible two’s stage yet, nor been pulled aside for bad behaviour, but I think we are coming up to this stage. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, it’s part of growing up and exploring their parameters. It’s hard putting them in nursery and not being able to see what’s happening, but the staff will be used to it and know how to handle it in the best way. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  2. Oh bless you, my daughter has just turned 2 and a few months ago we were told she hit another boy at nursery – I was mortified too – she’s never done it to anyone else when I’ve been around but she was going through a phase of biting me and my husband. But she was told off by the nursery nurse with her and she’s not done it since, phew! Don’t worry I think it’s just all part of their development. Hope the reward chart continues to help x #FortheloveofBLOG

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