Working Mum Guilt is back

When I first started working full time when little man was 5 months old, I had major working mum guilt. However it definitely made me a better mum working and having some adult time versus mummy time.

Then things settled down for a year and being honest, I never felt guilty.

Okay, maybe occasionally when he was poorly and I had to try and leave him at nursery when I knew he should really be at home with me. Some days it broke my heart.

Well working mum guilt is back in 2017…and if I am honest, it has taken me by surprise.

Little man is growing up so much and is now a little boy. He knows what he wants and you can have proper conversations with him now.

For the first time…..ever, on Sunday he asked for pasta for dinner. The last time I gave him pasta it ended up being thrown around the dining room (with cream carpets I may add). I vowed not to do this again for a while if he was going through a fussy eating phase.

So I made him pasta. He ate half of it so it was a good effort.

He then asked for yoghurts, said please and thank you, and then wanted to watch ‘I E O’ which turned out to be ‘Let it go’ which turned out to be Frozen. Who knew?! So after a few tantrums and misinterpretations we put it on for him.

All these little mannerisms and his cute little ways make me love him more than I already did.

I found myself pondering, do I need to work full time? Could I not have one day at home alone with him a week?

You see, as both Daddy and I work full time we both share nursery pick ups and drop offs and split weekend activities. Yet I have noticed that he asks more for Daddy.

This upsets me. I know it shouldn’t and that it is a phase he is going through, as he loves Mummy cuddles too. Yet to have him ask for Daddy more than Mummy is difficult to deal with.

So could I work 4 days a week and have a day a week with little man? Is this really for the best or is it because I just want my little man back?

Maybe I  need to take some time to let things settle down and have a think about it.

Have you ever had a crisis of confidence being a working mum and having it all?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


8 thoughts on “Working Mum Guilt is back

  1. My daughter used to want my hubby and ignore me when I got back from work and I did 3 days. This was just a phase and it totally reverted. However, I can imagine working full time can be tough and if you can afford it…go for it…it’s lovely and I’ve never looked back! thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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  2. It’s defiantly a stage that they go through about wanting someone else and it’s so difficult. Only you can decide whether a 4 day working week would suit your family I say go for it, you won’t regret it. Try not to feel too guilty about going to work though, it shows them a good work ethic and that you are providing for your family so you all get to do lovely things together when it’s your days off.

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  3. Yes! At the beginning I had to go back from when my daughter was 3 months and I found it so hard. I do think though they go through phases of asking for one parent – I spend more time with my daughter than ever before and she always asks for her daddy. It’s so tough though isn’t it? Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub xx

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  4. I also work full time and I loved going back to work as it gave me a welcome break form just being ‘Mom’ you know!? But nearly two years in and Im beginning to find it super monotonous and I crave to take my little man on more adventures… I am hoping to cut down my hours after we get married as I won’t need to be saving stupid amounts every month! #coolmumclub

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  5. I fully understand this post! I have been working full time now for the past 3 years..I do shift work also and never get to take or pick my son up from school who’s 5. I always get the dreaded guilt creep up on me. But the thing that keeps me going is, we are doing it to provide and give them a better life! Keep going at it, you should be proud of yourself!

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  6. My children are now 14 and 11 and I still have working mum guilt! Over the years. I have been a stay at home mum while running my own consultancy, worked full time in a corporate organisation while hubby stayed home, studied full time and now work full time as a teacher. Whichever option you choose, while acknowledging some choices are dictated by necessity, I think Mums always experience guilt. The trick is to accept where you are at, honour the choices you make, don’t feel the need to justify yourself to anyone and always respect choices other women make and hopefully, that way , we can alleviate some of the guilt! Most importantly, trust that your son loves you for you. He might not articulate that yet but his love is unconditional because that’s what you are teaching him.

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