Slow down Mummy

Slow down Mummy, because I want to spend some time with you. Do you have to start the dinner or wash the breakfast dishes as soon as you get in with me in the evening?

Sometimes Mummy I want to have a cuddle on the sofa with you and watch The Gruffalo. I don’t want to run around the house trying to find you and then see you are at the washing machine again. I haven’t seen you all day.

Those things can wait Mummy.

Mummy, have you seen how much I have grown over the past few months? I can tell you what I want now and have proper conversations with you. I know I babble a lot still and say silly things but I am learning.

I try and copy things you say as much as I can and this makes you laugh. I like making you laugh Mummy. I like it when I put a smile on your face.

I know I get excited when Daddy comes home, and that he is the only one that is allowed to read me a story. Sometimes Mummy I can tell by your face that you get upset.

It doesn’t mean I do not love you. It is just Daddy reads better stories than you. Plus its boy time Mummy, please understand.

When you want a kiss Mummy, all you have to do is ask. Ask for a kiss and a hug and I will throw my arms round you.

I know this makes your day better and any stress you have been going through at work gets better. Don’t worry, I love nursery and my friends. I love my weekends at home more though.

When you walk through the door at nursery I know you have been rushing to come and get me. I get so excited to see you but sometimes I don’t show it in front of my friends.

Remember, I love you Mummy and I know whatever you do for me is always for the best.

Little Monkey XOXO

A Mum Track Mind



5 thoughts on “Slow down Mummy

  1. Aww, what a lovely post. I think we are all a bit guilty of rushing around and doing chores instead of having a quick snuggle or chat with our kids.

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  2. This is so lovely and such an important message. We do need to slow down a little, our children grow so fast, we should take the time to enjoy every moment. Thank you for linking with #fortheloveofBLOG

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