Crying in the workplace

After watching The Apprentice this year, and being a full time working mum myself, I always enjoy watching how women get on compared to the men in the show.

This year Alana won which was great for all those professional working ladies out there.

However one thing that has come up a few times since the series ended, is about women crying and showing their emotions in the workplace.

lady working

Some may see this as a sign of weakness. Others may understand, and actually it might make them realise that they are open and comfortable with their emotions.

Personally, I wouldn’t cry at work about my job. If there was a personal situation which unfortunately I got upset over, this is slightly different.

Even then I wouldn’t sit at my desk crying and sniffing. I would take myself off and give myself a talking to. I wouldn’t want to let anyone see my guard come down at work.

I understand why men might see women as emotional and difficult to handle if they cry when things get tough. But women are just much more emotional than men.


I wouldn’t want anyone to see me as emotional or a bit of a crier in the office. This may make people think less of me, and not value what I do for the business. I think that is a normal reaction for most ladies in the work place.

So I don’t necessarily see crying at work as a sign of weakness. It is definitely a release and sometimes we cannot help those few tears that fall when something gets us down.

I would never sit there and watch someone get upset and not do anything to help them.

I know I most certainly would have shed a few tears if I were in the Apprentice at the start of the process.

So come on ladies, let’s be strong and show those men how it is done. No tears, no tantrums, just determination and drive.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

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One thought on “Crying in the workplace

  1. I think most people that cry on the Apprentice cry because of the back stabbing. If you’re a professional person you would expect people to treat you in the same way but the sly comments and outright bullying that goes on the show for the sake of winning is truly awful.

    Having said that, I’m completely hooked on the show!

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