Do we need that much food?

When people hear the word Christmas, everyone goes a little mad. Now I may be speaking a little bit as Mrs Scrooge but also from someone that still is yet to understand…

To understand the need of people filling up trolleys full of food and drink just because it has a Christmas theme to it. Everyone will eat and drink until they feel physically sick  – then complain that they feel rubbish after and have put on a stone in weight.

I went to start my online food shop today…I couldn’t. All the click and collect slots for the next 4 days had been taken.

All I want to buy is a roast dinner, a few extra little yummy bits and some Prosecco and bucks fizz. What on earth does everyone else buy?


Which means we have to go to Tesco and battle the crowds this year.

There will be a list fully written with what needs to be bought; plus a little bit of artistic license to get a few yummy Christmas goodies to eat whilst watching family films on TV.

I know a lot of people will be with their extended families at Christmas. This year again it is just the three of us on Christmas Day so another reason why we don’t have to buy too much food.

But still?? How much food can a household eat?

baking xmas

So this is Mrs Scrooge asking what is in everyones trolleys and what makes us all go a little bit mad at this time of year?

Is it the festive season that takes a hold of us and makes us buy 10 different types of vegetables that no one actually likes anyway?

Is it the word Christmas that makes us put another 3 tins of shortbread biscuits and a couple of tubs of celebrations in the trolley on the way to the checkout?

So however you choose to spend this weekend, whether that be eating all the mince pies and drinking all the Prosecco or going for a run on Christmas Day, have a good one.

Go on then…pass me just one more chocolate….

Busy Working Mummy aka Mrs Scrooge XOXO


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