Anxiety & Christmas

It has been a tough few months. I am sure it has come across in my writing. Trying to remain upbeat and thinking of positive messages to write about has certainly been a challenge.

I wondered how I could put down in words what is happening in the household at the moment. I can’t. It isn’t the right time.

My anxiety is incredibly high. I am trying to go to the gym and look after myself in order to combat these feelings. To remain strong and keep a smile on my face.

girl on own

Having little man around is helping massively. Remaining strong for him is the key to making sure things don’t fall apart.

I have been incredibly lucky that I have the most amazing friends and family around me to support me and help where they can.

That is why I am so excited for Christmas and New Year. I am going to go home for a few days and take little man with me to see his Nanny and Grandad.

I also have some amazing plans with my best friends over the holiday season.


It has been so difficult to be festive this year. If it wasn’t for little man, we wouldn’t even put a tree up. The holiday season would pass by like any normal weekend, I will unfortunately admit.

I am determined to make Christmas the best that I can. We owe the little man that much.

I am not writing this post because I want sympathy. I am writing to share that sometimes it is okay for things not to be okay.

To not have everything worked out yet.

Just because it is Christmas, it doesn’t mean everyone has to be happy all the time. Lots of people are probably trying to hide their emotions and feelings. We all deal with things in our own little ways.

I am lucky I can write. Yes sometimes I may write in a cryptic manner but it helps. It is a release that I can write down my thoughts and feelings. To share with those that follow and support my blog.


So this Christmas, take some time to make contact with someone you might not have spoken with in a while. Make an effort with family and friends.

Hug your children tight when you tuck them up in bed at night. Christmas is a time for children, a magical and wonderful time of year.

So raise a glass and spread some Christmas cheer this week. 

Merry Christmas to all my Busy Working Mummy readers.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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