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Keeping busy over Christmas

So now that it is getting near the Christmas holidays, all the clubs and classes that we go to are coming to an end for Christmas break.

I looked today and found that swimming and football have their final week of term this week – meaning from next week for 3 weekends, there are no classes on.

Now I like to be busy and I like to keep little man busy. He is so active all the time which is why Saturday and Sunday mornings are full of sports.

For 3 weekends we will have nothing to do. No plans. No routines. We can think of things to do on our own. We can go to the farm. Maybe even the cinema.

However, the thought terrifies me.

You cannot keep a 2 year old in the house all day. They go mad and the house gets pulled to pieces. So the pressure is on to find somewhere to go, and to run around – whatever the weather.

It isn’t as easy as to pop round to family for a cup of tea and a change of scenery either as they live over 200 miles away.

I work full time, and I have always been one to follow a routine, both in and out of work. Little man always seems more settled that way too.

So after this weekend, we will have 3 weekends to entertain him with no planned activities.

Of course it is nice to have a lazy afternoon watching a film; if he sits long enough to watch a film of course.

So over the next few weekends, I want to take him to the local farm to see the animals, attempt our first cinema visit, and also go to the pantomime at the Theatre. I might even attempt to take him out for his tea.

So those are my plans now that Christmas break is slowly creeping up on us.

What are your plans for the kiddies and keeping them entertained?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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