What a busy few days!

I have had an incredibly busy few days which is why I haven’t been quite as up to date as I would have liked with my blogging.

I spent the weekend down at my Auntie & Uncles house in Bedford. My parents and brother were there to stay too. It was lovely to see everyone, even if it was a bit of a flying visit for me.

Little man is growing up so fast, and it was lovely to see him playing with his second cousins.

They even had a little movie night where they shared some popcorn in bed after a bath. He was massively outnumbered being in the middle of 2 girls, but it was so nice to see him interacting with other children.

As he is in nursery all week, he doesn’t see many children at the weekend so it is nice to watch him play and have fun with others at a similar age. It isn’t something I witness much and is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Sunday lunch time we travelled back and started on the usual household chores to get the house ready for the week.

I had a trip to London planned over Monday and Tuesday. Typically little man chose this time to be really poorly with a bad cough and cold.

It is definitely that time of year again where he is picking everything up from nursery. Especially now it is so cold and miserable.

Something positive that came out of the last few days is that I started Christmas shopping, thanks to Hamleys and Selfridges.

Anyone that needs inspiration on what to buy children for Christmas, just walk round Hamleys. The staff are amazing being proactive with the toys and games showing how they work and interacting with both the adults and the children.

So overall, its been a tiring few days but it has all been so much fun.

I have a couple of quiet days ahead now and a quiet weekend before more festive plans start taking place.

I am hoping that the Elf on the shelf might start making more of an appearance over the next few days too. Our Elf has been poorly too (not that Mummy has completely forgotten all about it) so he has been resting.

Who else has had an elf on the shelf lull??

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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