Christmas with toddlers

So if any of you are wanting advice on what to get toddlers for Christmas…this is not the blog post that is going to tell you.

This is me reaching out for inspiration and guidance. What on earth do you get toddlers for Christmas?

The first Christmas with little man, he was 4 months old. We let Christmas pass us by really and only bought things that he genuinely needed anyway.

His second Christmas where he was one, we started new Christmas traditions, like putting out food and drink for Santa and the reindeer. Of course he got lots of presents from all of us but he was still only 1 so we felt like we still had lots to get him.

This Christmas, little man is nearly 2 and a half. He still has no idea about Santa or what crazy tradition Mummy is about to start next – ie. Elf on the shelf (What have I done?)


He has every toy you can possibly think of, and a new winter wardrobe to take him through until the end of the cold weather.

So what do you get toddlers? I am genuinely at a loss this year.

Having children at Christmas makes it so much more special. He may be 2 but being able to start these traditions like Elf on the shelf, or taking him to his first pantomime, to me makes Christmas so much more special than buying him lots of presents.

This year I am taking it in my stride – determined to make sure he has the best Christmas and is spoilt not by presents, but by experiences and seeing new things.

Taking him to see Santa and the reindeer at the farm; seeing if he might actually sit on his knee this year without wanting to cry. Making Christmas cookies and cakes. The little things like that.

So this year, it may be difficult to think of what to physically buy little man to open on Christmas Day. But taking him to see Santa, to his first pantomime and getting him to help put the snacks out on Christmas Eve is really what Christmas is about when you have children.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



9 thoughts on “Christmas with toddlers

  1. It’s so hard these days. If you’re anything like us you can’t help but buy him things throughout the year anyway. We have yearly traditions too. Visits to Santa. To the Garden Centre to see the lights. Buying anew baubal every year and of course a mince pie for Santa. I want his christmasses to be memorable ones!
    As for presents – we get the bigger ones that he generally wouldn’t get throughout the year. Next year I have a feeling it might be a drum kit! God help us!! 🙂 #twinklytuesday

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  2. I have no control when it comes to buying toys for my children. I’m constantly buying them stuff, then end up putting it away and giving them so much at Christmas and birthdays they don’t know what to do.
    I think toddlers are still excited enough by the process of unwrapping and it doesn’t even matter what’s in it.

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  3. My son is just a few months older than yours, and for us it is also the year of events – elf, Christmas show, his first nativity, visiting Father Christmas, etc etc!!!

    We’ve got him books, playmobil, Woody and Mr Potato head (a new Toy Story fan here!), and other bits which I now can’t remember because I’ve been stupidly organised this year!


  4. I struggled with want to get your kids for Christmas this year too. I ended up just getting them bits and bobs rather than a main present. I’m also thinking of taking them to the christmas panto this year but at the moment I’m still just thinking about it. I’m not sure if they will sit still long enough. Maybe there’s only one way to find out………

    (Unhinged mummy stopping by from #bestandworst).

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  5. It sounds as though you are giving your little one the best gifts you can give a 2 year old. Lots of lovely memories and experiences! As for the gifts,,, In our (very limited) experience I would say it doesn’t matter – they only play with the boxes anyway haha. Hope you have a lovely festive time. xx #bestandworst

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  6. I found last year my daughter was overwhelmed and we didn’t go that mad. She took her time and played with some toys before opening more. So what you are doing sounds perfect. It does change trust me! Now she adores presents. Good luck and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst

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