There are no spotty tops anywhere!

So Wednesday afternoon, I received an email from nursery.

‘For Children in Need on Friday 18th November, please can your child wear something spotty, yellow or with Pudsey Bear on and give a small donation.’

So being a full time working mum, time clearly was not on my side. Where can you find a spotty or Children in Need themed top? Well it turns out you cannot.


So on Thursday after a disappointing shop in town, I came to the conclusion that I am a terrible uncreative mother.

Seeing all these mums on facebook buying yellow t-shirts and decorating them themselves….ladies, I am in awe of you. I don’t even own a sewing kit. If a button was to fall off, I would need to save it for when my mum comes to visit and ask her to sew it back on for me.

Not one bit of me wanted to attempt to create my own t-shirt for little man to wear to nursery. Clearly the fact that he may be the only one not wearing anything related to Children in Need didn’t bother me either.

So I found a yellow t-shirt this morning with a monkey on it. Job done. Off he went to nursery with his monkey top and a £2 coin for his donation.

So to all you mums that were sitting there last night drawing and colouring in spots on your children’s tops, I salute you.

glass of wine

To all of us that sat there with a glass of wine after attempting to vaguely find a suitable colour top and then gave up….I raise a glass.

There’s always next year? And if I still haven’t found my creative side…I will make sure I order something online in time!

But tonight lets all raise a glass for Children in Need and hope that Pudsey and the Appeal Show make lots of money for an amazing cause.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Pick N Mix Fridays

6 thoughts on “There are no spotty tops anywhere!

  1. My daughter went to school today in a white top and grey leggings, with painted spots all over! Not a spotty top to be found in any shops…also I waited until the day before to bother trying to find one! lol! #PicknMix

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  2. I couldn’t find spotty tops anywhere either. We ended up sticking spot stickers onto their tops which they told me fell off rather quickly. I just didn’t have the time to make anything either. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix

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