Why Mental Health is so important

Last week Adele announced that she had suffered from Post Natal Depression on the birth of her child 4 years ago – something that she kept incredibly quiet.

Most women tend to keep these issues quiet; mainly due to feeling inadequate or because they do not want to give the impression that they cannot cope.

I was at risk of developing PND due to previous experiences with depression and anxiety. My doctor and midwife had both made me aware at the time of potential signs and symptoms so I was fully prepared for the worst to happen.

Fortunately at the time, I didn’t suffer from it. Although I will admit, and have continued to do so throughout my blog that I did not enjoy the ‘baby’ stages of my little boys life.

I found it incredibly tough and challenging, just as any new mum would of course. But I was worried that I wouldn’t bond with him. I looked at him every day and wondered how I was allowed to look after something so small and precious. I questioned myself 1000 times a day, and hated breast feeding.

Being a mother, you find strength that you have no idea that you have until you are put in that situation. You carry on and take whatever life throws at you; that’s your job. To make sure that no one hurts this tiny little human being.

It was a shame that a year ago, my anxiety reared its ugly head again and I had to get some guidance on how to cope with things moving forward.


I started making myself feel guilty for working full time; constantly making myself feel like a bad mum for not wanting to be at home with him every day. There was so much that I wanted to start doing for me.

That’s right…for me. I started to feel that I could slowly step back now he was getting older. But with this came guilt, and the feeling of should I really be okay with this?

It is a shame that more mums don’t feel they can open up about suffering from PND and other mental health issues; that there isn’t a bigger support network.

Or maybe there is, but none of us really want to openly admit our suffering.

Ultimately all we want for our children is the best. As long as we are working on moving forward, then our children will be brought up just fine.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

The Pramshed

4 thoughts on “Why Mental Health is so important

  1. For me admitting and accepting when anxiety is rearing it’s head is a major part of healing. I have no issue jumping back on meds for a year or so when it gets out of my control.

    Mental health is key to being a great mama.


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  2. I have felt awful some days for daring to take some time to myself for blogging, and now i’m back to work even just part time I miss my boys terribly and feel even more guilty whenever I take ‘me’ time because I’m already losing out on time with them. It is a never ending struggle but as long as our babies are getting love and affection they will be just fine. x #fortheloveofblog

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  3. I couldn’t agree more – it’s so important to look after our mental health by seeking support and advice when needed and also to try and end the stigma so that people feel more comfortable about acknowledging ‘bad days’. Thank you for your honesty – blogs like yours normalise these things and that’s really helpful for lots of people. #fortheloveofBLOG x

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