It feels like being back at school again

So I finally did it. I left my employer of 7 years and moved to a new job in the City Centre. I have had a week in my new role now which is why I didn’t have a chance to write any blog posts last week.

My new role has left me mentally exhausted, but in a good way. To be able to make decisions again, to be able to think of new ideas and to act on them straight away comes as a hugely refreshing and much needed change.


I did love my old job, I really did and I wouldn’t have a bad word to say about it. Other than I just outgrew it. It was time for a change, and this came at the perfect opportunity for me.

It feels like being back at school again. Having to think about what I can and cannot do. Trying to be really switched on all the time and really efficient in everything that I try and put in place.

Naturally everyone wants to make a good impression when they start a new job; however, I tend to put so much pressure on myself.

One thing in this new role that I am determined to do is to have fun with it. It is really creative role, and I think being creative comes naturally if you are enjoying what you do and having fun.

This last week, I have got home and got in to my pyjamas as soon as getting home, crawling in to bed after a long and demanding day.


The good thing is that I bounce of bed in the morning, excited for the day ahead.

Little man hasn’t suffered at all. It has just taken some adjusting to a slightly different routine but I try and pick him up as much as possible now so I can spend some time with him before bed time in the evenings.

I am excited now for another week at work; I cannot wait to be another week further on and to get my feet just that little bit more under the table.

One thing I am determined to do is to not let it affect little man. To not let him see me tired and irritable at the end of the day. I will give it everything I have until 7pm when he goes to bed….and then I can be the person that lies on the sofa in her pj’s watching the soaps and switching her brain off.

Have a good week everyone, whatever you have planned.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



14 thoughts on “It feels like being back at school again

  1. Sounds fantastic. I am craving getting back into my old career, however circumstances are genuinely preventing this. I need some brain action and grown-ups! All the best with it. #bestandworst

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