My mini Santa thanks to Little Angels

After attending a Little Angels blogger event a few months ago, I started using their Supreme Protection range for my little man. They have been great, and are such good value for money compared to other brands in the supermarket at the moment. Nappies can be relatively boring and incredibly plain, which is why ASDA…… Continue reading My mini Santa thanks to Little Angels


My little piece of the internet

One common theme that will always remain running through is of course my little man. The reason for me writing this was to share my experiences as a full time working mum. To show people that it can be done, and to share all my worries and concerns with raising him whilst he is in nursery full time.


There are no spotty tops anywhere!

So Wednesday afternoon, I received an email from nursery. ‘For Children in Need on Friday 18th November, please can your child wear something spotty, yellow or with Pudsey Bear on and give a small donation.’ So being a full time working mum, time clearly was not on my side. Where can you find a spotty…… Continue reading There are no spotty tops anywhere!