The final week!

So today I start my final week at my current job. Needless to say that I am emotional.

Having been in the same workplace for 7 years, it was always going to be difficult to say good bye.

I have had 3 job roles within that space of time, and have learnt so much and acquired so many different skills.


I had a week off last week where I jetted off to Vegas for my best friends wedding. Now that I am back, everything is finally dawning on me.

Can I make breakfast and eat it at my desk in my new office?

Will I be able to make friends and have a laugh with my new colleagues?

Will they get on with me?

What if I don’t make a good impression or have to leave early one day if little man is poorly? Will they think less of me?

I still haven’t sorted car parking which I really need to do, and time is marching on. Next Tuesday will be here before I know it.

Starting work in the retail industry around Christmas will of course be a challenge. It will be incredibly busy and I again need to try and work out what happens over the Christmas period so I can make sure that I still get to spend time with my family.


I really cannot wait for this new challenge, and I know it will be really beneficial for my career and for myself as a person.

The most important thing throughout all these changes is to make sure that nothing affects my little man. He will always be my first priority and that can never change.

So I start my final week with my head held high; proud of what I have achieved but knowing that by Friday, I will pack up my desk and walk out of my office ready to start a brand new chapter.

Things can never stay the same for too long.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



4 thoughts on “The final week!

  1. Oh wow, good luck with everything. I really hope it is everything you wish it is going to be. Enjoy your final week, sounds as if you’ve had some wonderful times and memories there. But as they say when one door closes another opens…here’s to new opportunities! #twinklytuesday

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