When 1 more tantrum is 1 too many…

So today I witnessed something I haven’t seen before in my toddler – I witnessed a devil child.

Daddy takes his little man to football every Sunday morning and has done for the past 4 weeks. It is a new class, so something that he hasn’t done before, and with this in mind, we thought it may be slightly challenging.

So he comes home and tells me how exhausting it is and how he never does what he is told.


Today, I decided to see first hand what was going on and if it was actually as bad as it was being made out to be.

Well, within 5 minutes I wanted to curl up in to a ball and pretend I wasn’t there anymore.

This devil child which apparently was my toddler….yes my toddler, did not do one thing that he was supposed to do. Actually, that is slightly harsh. He did run and kick a ball but after we had to physically restrain him from kicking everyone else’s.

So when is 1 more tantrum 1 too many? When is it time to give up and say this isn’t for us?

45 minutes of running round after a devil child, an unruly toddler – if I saw a child in public behaving like that, I would be tutting and muttering that the parents don’t have control over their child.


Well now it is us that are being tutted at. People might think that we do not have control over our own child.

That is way too much for me to deal with. I don’t have a problem disciplining him in public, but when that is all I am doing for 45 minutes whilst running round a sports hall, surely common sense has to kick in somewhere.

Will I go again? Well we have now discussed a different method to deal with the devil child’s unruly behaviour. We are giving it until christmas and if he doesn’t start behaving and doing what he is told by then, at least we would have given it a full term.

Sometimes, you have to pick your battles with children, and a football lesson might be one battle that I am not willing to fight at the moment. Maybe when he is a little older and not a devil child aka toddler going through the terrible two’s.

Have you every stopped going to something because you were worried about what others might think of your unruly toddler?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



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