A hen weekend to remember

So as promised, for those that follow my blog and social media you will know that I had been planning my best friends hen weekend for the past few months.

This happened last weekend. Now I have recovered, I am in a place where I can write about all of our exploits.

On the Friday we  went to have our dress fittings ready for Las Vegas. The bride is having 2 bridesmaids so we went off to try on our dresses – which are beautiful.

We then headed back to stay at the brides. Her lovely fiance greeted us at the door with prosecco and then had got a lovely spread for us to eat for a late dinner.

Saturday morning we all got ready and our car made its way down to Newmarket for the weekend.

We had a days racing at Newmarket Racecourse where there were 10 girls altogether. I will admit that by 3pm it may have been touch and go whether I made it to the evening. After an hour of drinking water I felt much better when we left.

Having a weekend off of mum duty I definitely let my hair down – maybe a little too quickly. However at least I made a recovery ready for the evening.

We all stayed at Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa and we had a private dinner in the evening, where another 8 girls joined us.

The room was beautiful. The second bridesmaid had made a Mr & Mrs game with the groom to be for after the meal, so we got in and organised that before everyone was greeted with champagne.

We had organised 2 butlers in the buff to help pour drinks and play the game which went down incredibly well with the 18 ladies.

We did our job successfully and the bride was in bed first that night. A few went off partying in Newmarket; myself and a few others stayed in the hotel bar until maybe 4am.

Sunday morning was a complete write off for every one of us. We were supposed to enjoy a morning in the spa, of which we managed an hour of lying down on the loungers trying not to be ill. We then decided we ought to try and make our way home up the A1.

After a quick stop at Cambridge Services for food we crawled in to our homes. 

We were all exhausted and hungover, but our cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

It was a top weekend hopefully had by all, and Vegas here we come.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



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