At last…well done Tesco!

I have NEVER parked in a parent and child space before having little man.

To be honest, I never even thought about it.

Once I had little man, I joined the parent & child parking space club, and I was excited. I could now open the door fully without worrying that I will bang the persons car next to me – and that was just me getting out the car!

So, when one day there was no parent & child spaces available in the car park, I realised how important they are to us parents. How are we supposed to get our children out of a car seat without smashing the car door of the person parked next to us?

off to work

So imagine my utter rage when I witnessed someone walking back to their car childless? Childless!

I watched with disgust and made sure I walked past their car commenting that it was a shame we had to park so far away to my toddler, whilst glaring at them.

Surely it is in their best interests to not park in parent and child spaces. If we have to park in normal sized spaces, then more car doors are going to get damaged including our own. There is no other way of getting our children out the car unfortunately for them.

I support Tesco 100% with their decision to start fining people that park in parent & child spaces without a child.


There is absolutely no need for them to be so selfish – just because they want to park practically outside the door.

The Tesco I use actually have parent & child spaces which aren’t right by the door. I still choose to use these as having more space is more important than being parked nearer the shop.

Funnily enough….no one else really parks in these spaces for this exact reason.

So I hope that more supermarkets and car parks follow Tesco’s lead and issue fines for people parking in spaces that others clearly need more.

So what are your thoughts? Are you a supporter of bringing in the fines or is it a step too far?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



4 thoughts on “At last…well done Tesco!

  1. I totally agree. It really winds me up when there are no spaces because of ignorant/arrogant people! With a toddler and a baby I need both sides so those spaces are really important! Also frustrates me that there aren’t enough parent and child spaces in general. There are probably more parents than other users anyway #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. You’re spot on with this. I’ve always said I don’t care about being near the shop, I care about having space. If I’m putting my child in a buggy for crying out loud, I can walk an extra 200m. I saw a Dad use one the other day with a child that must have been about 7. The kid jumped out of the car on his own, shut the door and sauntered off the shop. That annoyed me too – they could have used any old space… But the parent ones were near the shop! A lot of people are fundamentally just selfish and lazy (I know that casts the world in a bad light but sadly it’s true!) #CoolMumClub

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  3. I totally agree with this – people taking the Micky and using these spaces who are childless should be fined – these spaces are worth their weight in gold when you are lugging shopping with a whinge bag hanging off you. Well said! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

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