How to survive a wedding with a toddler

So this weekend we have had a family wedding. It is the first wedding we have gone to since having little man.

Knowing what he is like, to say I was apprehensive was an understatement.

So here are my do’s and don’t on how to survive a wedding with a toddler:

DO bring lots and lots of snacks and food – these can be used in any situation where bribery is necessary, such as the ceremony when they have to sit still

getting ready

DON’T get changed until the absolute last minute before walking out the door. 5 minutes before leaving I was administering cough medicine which spilled all down my make sure you are all set and everyone else is ready before you put your party dress on

DO bring games and books to keep them entertained throughout the day. Weddings are long days, especially for children so you will need plenty of things to keep them busy

DON’T worry if they want to wander off. It is better to let them and go with them rather than deal with a toddler meltdown with 60 guests staring at your screaming child

DO have a conversation with your other half about taking it in turns and giving each other jobs. I had a silk dress on so hubby had said he would do all nappy changes through the day for me to save any stains appearing on my dress through the day

DON’T be afraid to ask staff for help. We were the last table to eat (it was a hog roast) and little man was not happy staring at all the plates of food. Luckily little man’s uncle, the groom got him a burger while he was waiting. If you don’t have that luxury, definitely ask the staff to help or get something for them so they don’t have to wait. Most guests will be more than understanding.


DO have a plan for the evening. My plan was to get him home after the meal, put him to bed and then head back to the wedding for the reception. Others may be happy for their children to stay a lot longer in to the night. Just make sure you sort any babysitters, or a time so you both know when you are heading home.

DON’T drink too much during the day unless you have additional help. A family wedding is a lot easier to deal with as there are lots of family around to share the childcare, but even so, if anything happens they are still your responsibility. I know I couldn’t look after little man to the best of my ability if I had a whole bottle of wine to myself during the day – plus I had the evening to let my hair down child free so being sensible at the right moment is the key.

DO have fun. It is a wedding after all. Try not to stress too much as this may come across as looking grumpy or like you are not having fun. If there are other children there, try and introduce them as they can then play together and entertain themselves.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Best of Worst

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