The post pregnancy body

Jools Oliver was attacked on social media this week about her post pregnancy body after posting a photo of her in her trousers.

It got me thinking about my post pregnancy body.

I have always been quite conscious of my weight, and so was always keen to eat healthy when I was pregnant.

Although I never stopped myself eating a large bag of fizzy haribo for dinner when I was 6 months pregnant…it was what the baby wanted of course.

heavy pregnant

So even though I was healthy throughout my pregnancy, it did not cross my mind about what I looked like once I gave birth.

I lost the weight pretty quickly other than the usual mummy tummy that most of us mummy’s suffer from. I was lucky that I squeezed myself back into my skinny jeans, stretch marks and all without doing much else other than breast feeding.

Some new mums don’t naturally lose the weight. I was one of the fortunate ones that did after just a few months.

So what is it about new mums posting pictures of themselves on social media that make others jump to defend themselves? Why do we shame those who can fit into their size 10 jeans after 6 weeks?

me and little man

Maybe they are lucky – they have good genes. Maybe they have eaten healthy and worked hard to do so.

For whatever reason it may be, why are we ridiculing them for doing so? I didn’t work hard for the first 6 months after little man was born; but when thing settled down and we got in to a routine, I started to look after myself a bit more because I felt I wanted to.

Would you shame a new mum that put a picture up of her with no make up? Of course not.


We as women make each other feel guilty. Guilty for being slim and putting make up on a few weeks after having a baby. Guilty for being podgy and not putting make up on a few weeks after having a baby.

The shaming never ends.

As long as mum and baby are both happy and healthy that really is all that matters.

So embrace those post pregnancy bodies and enjoy every minute while you can.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum

3 thoughts on “The post pregnancy body

  1. I was also one of those who bounced back straight away. I was in non-maternity trousers the day after Piglet was born – but my body was still different. We just have to learn to embrace the change #picknmix

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  2. Sadly I think often it is insecurity as they feel so bad about the way they look themselves, that it makes them feel defensive. I’m not happy with the size I am at the moment, but that is no one’s doing other than my own and it certainly doesn’t make me angry with every slim person I see. Jealousy is an awful thing, hopefully there are more women out there building each other up rather than tearing each other down. I for one always tell someone if they look great in something, I hand out compliments all the time to women, truthful ones only, but I love the boost it seems to give people to hear nice things 🙂

    Long rambly reply to you ha, but thank you for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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