Are you guilty of skipping pages of your child’s bedtime story?

I read a Daily Mail article this week that stated a third of parents have admitted to rushing or skipping pages when reading a bedtime story to their child.

This may be due to them being tired themselves or having housework to do so want to get their child in to bed quicker.

Am I guilty of this? Not skipping pages – unless little man turns the page before I finish reading it. But I am guilty of rushing occasionally.

However, I would never miss story time completely.

Our bedtime routine has been relatively the same ever since he was in a cot in his own room.

Bath time, then downstairs to have a snack and cup of milk, followed by story upstairs and then bed.

Hubby or I do story time depending on who is home and who is doing what at the time, but it always gets done.

Little man loves books. He is always reading and pointing to things in the pictures and telling us what they are.

Reading is also a really good way of bonding and actually spending time with him.

I only spend about 2 hours a day with little man during the week being a full time working mum. Story time to me is special and an opportunity to put on silly voices; to use our imagination with the weird and wonderful stories we find to read.

Sometimes it is time consuming and if I have had  a long day, it is difficult to put on a happy face and a silly voice. Being a parent, you just find a way to do these things.

A story to me relaxes and calms children down. It is much better than watching TV and then going straight up to bed.

So come on? Who else is guilty for occasionally rushing a story or skipping pages?

And who else closes the door after tucking up their child in bed after a long day, and does a little dance on the landing?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum
The Pramshed

6 thoughts on “Are you guilty of skipping pages of your child’s bedtime story?

  1. I’ve definitely rushed a few times, but neither of my kids would ever let me get away with missing a page! I have withheld stories for bad behaviour though, and I know I’ve rushed through a story more than once. I really do enjoy putting on silly voices though!

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  2. I agree it’s such a precious time! I was working full time until 4 months ago and would always make a big deal out of story time. I’m now on my leave again as have two under two to out to bed though, and having been up since 5am most days, I’m definitely guilty of rushing bed time story. But I’m lucky in that I can ready all day if they want to. Books are massively helping my eldest to learn language (we speak French at home so I often make up my own French stories to the pictures in English books) and she’s also developing a sense of humour from them. She knows when the character is being ‘bad baby’ for example, or when the bunny keeps asking for pasta at every meal only to finally get what he asks for and then says he wants chicken… It means I can reference back to some of the characters if she’s ever being a cheeky monkey (never of course!) LOL

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  3. Bedtime stories for my grandchildren are usually not read from a book. I have several variations of the stories. Long ones for when we first get in bed to (hopefully) get them to relax, and short ones for if a replay is requested lol. After that I usually go on strike so they can go to sleep.
    I remember the happy dance on the landing very well.

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  4. My little one is too young for this just yet; he is 6 months! He’s only just started to go down in his cot in his own room and I for sure do a dance on the landing haha.
    Once he is good at going to sleep quicker I want to read a story every night but he gets grumpy when I read them at the moment because he can’t eat the pages!.

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  5. I used to love reading to my two at bedtime. They knew their favourites off by heart so I couldn’t miss a page even if I had wanted to. I actually miss it now they read to themselves. I did used to do that huge sigh of relief when I shut the bedroom door with no one fussing 😉 Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix

    Stevie x

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