I’m a morning person and I like it!

With everyone getting back into their early morning routines with the school runs this week, I felt a little left out. My routine still stays the same over summer as little man goes to nursery and I continue to work full time. I don’t notice the difference, other than it takes me twice as long to drive into work in the mornings.

It made me start thinking about my daily routine however, and that I am without a doubt, a morning person.

I wake up at 6am most weekday mornings and then 6.20am on weekends. Little man is out of bed at 6.30am every day – during the week I always need a head start to get ready for work before getting him up and ready for nursery.

Have I always been a morning person? Absolutely!

I have always been an early riser, but early to bed. Ask me to stay up til 10.30pm…don’t expect me to be friendly the next morning once I still wake up at 6am.

Think of a baby? If you put them to bed later, 9 times out of 10, they still wake up the same time. Adults are no exception.

If you put them to bed earlier, usually they wake up the same time as normal.

I wake up and get things done. Even at work, I am much more productive in the mornings and get a lot more done than I do in the afternoons. If I had lots to do at work, I would get up early and come in so I can leave on time, rather than stay later.

Evening times for me are about cooking dinner, watching the soaps with a cuppa and then bed time for 9pm.

The majority of my gym sessions are also done in the mornings as I bounce out of bed…or at least before my brain realises what it is actually doing!

I think everyone is either a morning or an evening person, but I am beginning to find a lot more evening people these days.

I get a lot of sideways glances when I tell people that I like mornings. Very rarely do I have to drag myself out of bed for the day due to not having enough energy or feeling grumpy.

So tell me, are you a morning or an evening person?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

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6 thoughts on “I’m a morning person and I like it!

  1. I’m totally a morning person. I don’t always want to be dashing out the house like a loon (aka work days) but I like to be up and making the most of the day. When it starts to get dark and approach 9pm, my mind and body prepare for bed regardless of when I get up! You’re definitely not alone. But I’m not sure why we do get strange looks from so many folk… #CoolMumClub

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  2. Total early bird here – it’s always worked in my favour. I remember getting up early to revise as a teenager then by midday was free to do all the other stuff I fancied. I’ve held management meetings regularly at 7.30am at work, and guess what now I run a linky that starts at 6am 😉 Thanks for joining it! #coolmumclub

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