Happy 2nd Birthday little man!

Today is my little mans 2nd birthday. He was born at 12.52am (I think) on the 21st August 2014.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I denied I was even in labour for about 2 hours, before hubby phoned my mum and told her to get in the car and fly up the M5…quickly!

I made it to hospital and then 2 hours later, little man was here.

The last 2 years have flown by. I never knew I could feel so many different emotions as I have experienced having my little boy in my life.

I have always been honest and admitted I struggled with the baby stage of his life. I am much more enjoying this toddler stage, and would say I finally feel like a mum.

Being a red head, and suffering from anxiety, I am naturally quite fiery and moody. This always concerned me when having to deal with a crying baby or a toddler having a massive tantrum.

I can count on just one hand the amount of times I have ‘lost it’ due to having an uncooperative child whilst being very tired or fed up. By losing it, I mean I locked myself in a room for 5 minutes and cried uncontrollably, or screamed and shouted at my husband.

I have always remained calm whilst dealing with difficult child situations, and this has always been a surprise to me. I have always said being a mum, you find this strength that you never knew you had.

For his 1st birthday last year, we had family up. We had balloons, we had a cake made and designed especially, and there were lots of presents.

For his birthday today, we are spending the day just the 3 of us. I will attempt to bake a cake, and yes there will still be lots of presents!

Tomorrow we are off to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. This is something we did do just the 3 of us last year, and I wanted to make it an annual trip just mummy, daddy and little man.

To appreciate how much he has grown, and how much he has changed in to a little boy.


Last year we were pushing him round in his buggy. This year I imagine we will be chasing him around while he is running everywhere to see every animal he possibly can.

So happy birthday little man!

I know you will be spoilt with lots of beautiful presents, but I hope that spending time as a family will make your day even more special.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


3 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday little man!

  1. Happy birthday! Love the terrific/terrible twos, I look at my daughter one minute and think she’s amazingly cute and the next minute she’s an absolute terror driving me round the bend! X

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