ASDA Little Angels Blogger Event

On the 24th July, I was kindly invited to a Little Angels Blogger Event thanks to ASDA, Little Angels & Myriad PR.

I definitely did not have to think twice when I found out it was at Oulton Hall Hotel, near Leeds. The event sounded lovely, and it was also a great opportunity to meet some other mummy bloggers.

I was really nervous when I arrived, but found it relatively easily. I thought I was early but there were lots of bloggers even earlier than me.

Greeted with a glass of sparkling wine, I went over to take a seat and have a chat with a few of the ladies while we waited for the presentation to start.

Now I have never used Little Angels before. I know of the brand but as I never go to ASDA, I never really had the opportunity to buy them.

The presentation completely persuaded me to change to Little Angels for the future, and make the trip especially for their nappies. I had no idea quite how many different styles of nappy they design and of the quality and variety.

They have their Newborn Range which were softer than Pampers – we did a blind test and it really worked!!

They then have their Comfort Dry Range which is super soft, absorbent and breathable – plus approved by Mumsnet.

Their Supreme Protection Range which was the range I was most interested in has leg cuffs which are soft and gently elasticated to help prevent leaks with their aqua lock layers.

The Potty Training Pants were also really interesting as they don’t soak in straight away, so let the toddler feel the wetness and that they have been to the toilet in their pants – but then it does soak in and doesn’t leak. They come in 2 designs, for both girls and boys.

Peppa Pig First Pants are also a must for potty training – with their cute Peppa Pig design they pull up and down but work just like a nappy so are the perfect first pants for the little ones.

Lastly, they then have a range of Bed Time Pants and Swimming Nappies and Pants.

I genuinely never knew they had so many different types of Little Angels nappies, and am so glad that I now know a lot more about the brand.

After the presentation, we had afternoon tea and were then able to make use of the spa facilities before enjoying 2 treatments – a back massage and a file and paint on either our hands or toes!

We were well and truly spoilt for the afternoon.

After our treatments, we made our way back to the main room and were given some goodie bags filled with products, a dressing gown and a pack of our chosen nappies.

I went home full of new knowledge and excitement about Little Angels, happy that I met some amazing bloggers and relaxed from a lovely back massage.

goodie bags

Thank you so much ASDA, Little Angels & Myriad PR for a great afternoon at Oulton Hall.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

*I was treated to an afternoon at Oulton Hall courtesy of Myriad PR, Little Angels & ASDA. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



4 thoughts on “ASDA Little Angels Blogger Event

  1. So glad you had a fab time! I went to the one at the Dorchester in London and it was just amazing! I too will be making special purchases from Asda as long as the bubby likes the ones I have at home waiting for him! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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