We took on a toddler meltdown…and survived!

So last week little man was poorly. I was also poorly. It was an awful week from start to finish.

Sunday was the first family day we have had for about 3 weeks due to work and other plans I have had. We decided to go to the Robin Hood festival up near us for a few hours after nap time.

I should have known how it was going to go, when little man woke up and had a meltdown when I tried to get him changed.

Then clue 2 was when he got in the car and started having meltdown 2….

But we persevered thinking he would be okay once we were out and he was having a good time seeing new things, and getting some fresh air.

Note to self (and other parents of toddlers) – if you get to 2 toddler tantrums in the space of 30 minutes before leaving the house, do not go, I repeat, DO NOT GO!

It started calmly, him in his trike being pushed around happily, but then took a turn for the worst when he wanted to get out to see the horses and birds. He then categorically refused to get back in his trike.

Not only did he refuse, but he wanted to be carried by me around the whole of Sherwood Forest.

Failure to do so resulted in screaming, kicking and crying uncontrollably for absolutely no reason other than because he could.


After 90 minutes of pure torture for us, and for everyone else trying to enjoy their Sunday afternoons, we made it back to the car. Me with a massive muscly arm from developing strength that I never knew I had, hubby swearing that he wasn’t ever doing that again, and little man….well he was still screaming!

So Sunday evening, I sat in my garden with a cup of tea recovering from the afternoons activities with a sore arm and a headache.

do not be fooled

We may not have won at parenting last weekend, but we certainly survived it…just!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Run Jump Scrap!

7 thoughts on “We took on a toddler meltdown…and survived!

  1. Oh I feel your pain and would love you to read the blog I’ve just linked up on a very similar subject!! I love that bit, do not go, DO NOT GO lol!!! We just can’t help ourselves can we? The problem is, we take them out and about because we want to provide “enrichment” and to save our own sanities by getting out of the house but we just end up going a little bit more insane! I’m right in the middle of this tantrum hell so really welcomed this post lol.

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  2. ooooh yes we have made that mistake. Had the gut feeling all will ok and gone anyway. Then regret it! However, this weekend I cancelled going to something for the blog due to illness. It was the right decision. You learn eh? Glad you survived and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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