How to pair the Biggest 2016 Fashion Trends with the Right Designer Bags

Biggest trends of 2016 are right here and they are magnificent. Some awesome stuff is here this season and even those designer bags are all set to beautify your look.

Be it YSL, Prada, Louis Vuitton, or any other top brand, everyone has introduced some of the coolest bags this stylish season. And, these bags are perfect to make your year even more stylish and rocking.

Want to know what are these biggest trends and bags that will change the way you look this season?

Great! Take a glimpse of those dazzling and dearly designer handbags right here!

1.YSL Royal Blue Bag with Shorts

For that royal blue YSL beautiful bag, you can simply wear a black shorts or skirt paired with a turtleneck stripes top. Just look at the dress in the image here, isn’t the entire look is stylish and sexy?


  1. Cool Street Look with Red Prada

Want that cool street like look? Well, with Prada, it is easy! Just wear a rugged denim and pair it with a white V-neck tee and cover it with a blue cardigan for that perfect cool look. Do not forget to carry that royal red bag by Prada, which will add style to the entire look. Club the entire look with gold accessories and statement shoes to look style queen.


  1. Hermes Bag with Gold Hardware and Black Coat

When packing yourself for those chilled winters, wear dark blue jeans along with that big black coat. Carry that high-quality collection from Hermes. Do not forget to wear those high-heeled statement shoes to add inches to the height.


4.Celine Handbags

Be it that blue and white Celine or single colored bag, it goes well with all the looks. Wear it with jeans or top or with that skirt and cropped top, the bag will always look stunning, no matter what. So, get a Celine and be ready to pair it with any outfit you want.


  1. Louis Vuitton Long Purse and Shorts

Seems that Louis Vuitton bags look perfect with those casual clothing. Just look at the picture, how stunning this entire outfit is looking along with that awesome Louis Vuitton bag. Wear white shorts and pair it with a striped black and white top that shows some skin at the shoulder. Do not miss your favorite pair of wedges, when carrying this entire outfit for that elegant look.


Aren’t these some of the coolest outfits and bags of this season? Of course, they are! So, why not own them today? Well, if you do not wish to stay behind in fashion and want to look super cool, these bags are a must-have for you.

Thinking where to get them? Beware of scammers as what can look like the greatest deal on a designer purse can leave you with a lot of money not wisely spent. Don’t be afraid to do your research on blogs like PurseValleyBlog or Purseblog to get more info. Once you know what you want, pick your favorite one right away to flaunt that sexy look this fashionable season.

Wish you a happy shopping!

*This was a guest post


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