5 Reasons why girl friends are the best!

So on Friday night I went out with my best friend and stayed at her house. We went out out. Out for dinner at a lovely Italian, we had prosecco, we had cocktails, we then went home and had more prosecco.

I have never been one with many friends. They have always come and gone as I have moved away from home, or my circumstances changed ie. had a baby and became a social recluse.

But slowly over the past few months I have started to come out of my little dusty shell. I have begun to make more friends with people from little mans nursery. I have made an effort to set up times to meet and catch up for a gossip with friends that have been there for me for years.

I cannot stress just how important it is to make time for friends.

Being married, and writing about how girlfriends are so important, I am not implying that partners and husband are not important. It is different. Sorry men, sometimes you just cannot compete –

  1. You can bitch and moan to your best friend about something and they will listen – offering words of advice if required. A man probably wouldn’t even be listening to the full story.
  2. Your girl friends will tell you when they think you are being a bit of a bitch or if your bum looks big in the dress you just bought. A man would just roll his eyes and say you are being silly.
  3. Your best friend will never divulge your deepest darkest secrets, and will be a shoulder to cry on when things get rough. Your partner might not even know your deepest darkest secrets…and it might well be that the shoulder to cry on is about him when you have had an argument.
  4. As women, we have an excuse that every month when our hormones are raging and we turn into the incredible hulk, we can call our friends and moan that we are in a mood, but for absolutely no reason whatsoever. We will all sympathise with each other and not feel stupid for admitting you don’t really know what is wrong.
  5. We can watch chic flicks in our pjyamas eating chocolate and drinking prosecco, not worrying about what we look like or that we have toothpaste stains down our top.

You see…girlfriends really are pretty great.

Now all relationships, whether that be with your husband, boyfriend, partner, best friend, or girl friends are special.

So now my social recluse days appear to be behind me, I have found the confidence and independence that I had been searching for  – and I cannot wait for our next night out for cocktails and giggling.

The girls are definitely back in town!

Do you have many friends? Do you struggle to see them or speak to them as much as you should?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



4 thoughts on “5 Reasons why girl friends are the best!

  1. Love this post, something I do worry about lately, I have friends that have been friends for life that will always be there for me no matter what but I hardly ever see them, recently met up with one of them she’s my Bessie, and it’s just like there has been no time gap. Still the important thing is, is to make that effort, I will deffo be doing this more X

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  2. So true! I’ve found that as I’ve moved about quite a bit that my friendships have filtered out a bit so this reminds me that I must make more effort! Working freelance and being at home with kids all day sometimes means that I am a bit of a recluse too! I’m working on it though! #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. I love this post! Making more time for my friends is something I need to do! Life kind of takes over sometimes and sometimes you need to get out and let your hair down! x

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