This Duracell bunny has ran out of battery…

So this week the Busy Working Mummy household has come down with some sickness bugs.

It started on Sunday night when little man started crying at 10pm. It is very unlike him so we went in and found his temperature sky high and he was soaking wet with sweat.

We were up and down with him for a couple of hours and he ended up snuggled in our bed.


I managed to put him down in his cot a little dozy but rubbed his back for a while to get him to drift off. I then commando rolled out the bedroom to keep as close to the floor as possible, to avoid waking him up. What mother hasn’t done that before?

The rest of the night was spent restless and disturbed with me worried he would over heat or thinking I could hear him crying.

So with little man poorly with an awful chesty cough and cold, I also got taken down, but with dizziness and feeling sick.


I am writing this at home after making it through 3 hours of work before deciding I need to go home and lie on the sofa.

So here I am, wallowing in my own self pity sharing it with all of you!

I am possibly the worst sick person. I described myself today as a Duracell bunny, but unfortunately this bunny’s batteries have decided to run out.

Being a Mummy means never being ill. It is days like this that I am lucky to have nursery to put little man in to whilst I can rest and mope on the sofa – praying to be fully charged again in the morning.

But it is tough when both of us are poorly and grouchy. So we are taking this week a day at a time, waiting for us both to get better, praying that it is before the weekend.

So how do you cope with being poorly? Can you take some time out or do you need to keep on going?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Run Jump Scrap!

2 thoughts on “This Duracell bunny has ran out of battery…

  1. Oh it is sooo tough isn’t it, I think the worst part for me is leaving the kids when they are ill but I would always head home if I was needed, family comes first. Hope all are better now! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

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