A busy weekend in a heatwave

What a weekend, and what a week of sunshine so far!

Typically we are having our garden done, so we couldn’t even sit out in it at the weekend but it should be finished today. That means that tomorrow night, I can sit out on my garden furniture in my finished garden!

The weekend was definitely a busy one, where I barely stopped to take a breath.

Saturday morning was our usual chaotic morning of swimming, and collecting the food shopping, before going home for lunch and nap time.

As hubby was playing cricket 10 minutes down the road, we went down to see him for an hour. Little man had a picnic and a run around with the boys which he loved.

It definitely tired him out for the night, as he was exhausted and definitely ready for bed.

Sunday I had my first girly shopping trip for a good few years! I left the boys at 9.30am and returned at about 4pm. They even braved the birthday party without me too.

girls day

It was such a good day, trying on tons of dresses, drinking prosecco at 11am and finishing with a pizza for lunch before we left.

Being in the midst of a heatwave, it is definitely making working and looking after little man a challenge. It is too hot to work, which is why I got sunburnt yesterday from sitting outside!

Then little man decided he didn’t want to go to bed without his sleeping bag on. Bearing in mind it was about 26 degrees last night at bed time!

It must be a comfort issue as he went straight off when he was all tucked up.

So today being the hottest day of the year, lets all count how many times people say that they are too hot! Bet you have been one of them? I certainly have!

Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the ice creams and enjoy the red burnt shoulders whilst it lasts…

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



3 thoughts on “A busy weekend in a heatwave

  1. I seriously struggled in that heat last week and am very thankful that it’s a tad cooler now! I even attempted to commute on one day but ended up getting so hot I turned around and went back to work from home! It was just too much and it was even hard work hanging the washing outside. We have a south facing garden which gets bloody hot! Glad you managed to get some fun stuff done! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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