Children’s Birthday Parties

Little man had his first birthday party invitation recently from a little girl at nursery.

It got me thinking…..when should we start throwing birthday parties? Little man is 2 next month, but other than the children at nursery, we do not have any other friends with children that we could even invite.

What are the rules when it comes to birthday parties?

When we do decide to throw our first birthday party for little man, I will definitely be renting somewhere and putting on some entertainment. I am definitely not brave enough to host a party at my house.

So are parties for children a scary prospect? Are they something that take a lot of thinking about and commitment?

I am organising my best friends hen weekend at the moment and that is stressful enough – trying to find a weekend that 20 ladies can all attend, and activities to suit everyone. It is never going to happen.

But even 20 ladies do not scare me as much as potentially 20 children would.

It is a good job little man is born in August. When he starts school, he will be the last one in his class to have his birthday. Thus means as long as I keep a note of who’s parties he attends, when it comes to his own, I should have a pretty solid guest list.

So we have decided that we won’t be hosting a birthday party this year for turning 2. We still do not have the foundations of friends and children and would simply be having a party because we feel the need to.

Next month when my little man turns 2, it will be little man, hubby and I celebrating and spending the day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park – the place we took him on his first birthday.

We are not planning anything big, no flashy presents. We are making his room a big boy room. The nursery will officially be gone and a boys bedroom will take its place.

Every child’s birthday is special. Every family has different circumstances.

So for now, even though we won’t be hosting our first official children’s party this year, we will be doing what suits us as a family.

What age did you throw your first children’s birthday party?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

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11 thoughts on “Children’s Birthday Parties

  1. My daughter turned one in June. We didn’t have a party for her. We don’t have a group of baby friends and most of our family lives far away. We did have her Aunt and Uncle over to celebrate with us. And she had her very first birthday cupcake. It was the perfect way to spend her first birthday. Birthdays are special but I don’t think a party is necessary when they are small. You can have fun together as a family without the craziness of kids birthday parties!

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  2. I had a big 1st birthday for our son, more so because I just wanted to celebrate the joy of having him in my life. With my 2nd son, I reckon I might skip the big festivities and instead do a cake smash photoshoot! My first son is turning 3 this year and he keeps telling me he wants a party (and his birthday is next month so I better start cracking)…

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  3. I think a lot of parents like to celebrate 1st Birthdays as it’s a big milestone. We invited family out for a pub lunch when my eldest turned 1 and a family party at home for my second. At the end of the day you do what suits you. They don’t realise what a birthday party is until they are around 3 (in my experience) #ForTheLoveOfBlog

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  4. We started doing parties from 3 upwards – they’d made a few friends by then to make it worthwhile, plus they were more likely (perhaps) to remember it for a while. I have done a few at home and also in a village hall and have always done the games etc myself. It is EXHAUSTING! This year we hired a bouncy castle for the village hall and it totally took the pressure off. Top tip – hold the party in the afternoon so when it’s over it’s not too far from wine o’clock! You’ll need it 😉 #coolmumclub

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  5. We had our eldest son dedicated (like a Christening) on his first birthday, so we combined that with a party which was ideal, and just in the church hall. We then had a family one for his 2nd birthday. When he was 3, I really wanted to meet some of his friends’ parents as we had moved house, so I invited about 10 of his nursery friends over for a pirate themed party in our house. This year, when he turns 4, he’s having a ‘proper’ party. We’ve been to several this year, so I guess 4 is the year the parties start!

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  6. Our little girl is one in two weeks, and we are having a family get together at my parents house. I don’t think that we will have a birthday party for her until she is 3, as I hope by then she has some solid friends at nursery. That’s a great tip about keeping the names of birthdays you attend, as my daughter is also born in august so she too will be the youngest. I hope you have a brill birthday for your little boy. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  7. I think like with all things parenting you’ve got to do what feels rights for you…so we did a birthday at 2 which was lovely but totally laid back..then we skipped at 3..I’ll see how we feel next year! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

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  8. Both of my girls had birthday parties for every birthday celebrated. The first birthdays are more so for the parents due to the excitement of being a new parent. When mine were 2 and 3, I invited friends and family only. When they approached ages 4 and 5, I invited classmates. When my oldest daughter celebrated her 6th birthday at the school gym, she had a turn out that I was not expecting!!! Besides the established friends that I already had and their children, half of her class RSVPd!!! WHEW!!! That was a very busy day but the turnout was AMAZING!!! I’m happy it turned out the way it did because we had orders months later to move to another state.

    My youngest had to celebrate her 5th birthday at the new location. I go crazy with my daughters’ parties so my first thought was where am I going to have this party lol. I only had two parties at my house in the past which saved tons of money, but I didn’t like the after affect of cleaning. Now, I can relate to you here about not having a foundation of friends. But children befriend others so easily. With 11 classmates, 3 attended the party, my neighbor’s 2 children, my 2 and my niece totaling 8 children. That was perfect!!! It wasn’t a major turnout like normal, but it ended up being one of the best parties she had with 5 friends and 2 family members.

    Your son would be happy with what you have provided for him. His excitement Im sure was his big boy status room. Don’t worry, you have plenty of other birthdays to plan. Just prepare yourself lol

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