We did a wee wee in the potty!

I finally got my weekend back this weekend after a busy few weeks with lots of visitors.

I love my Saturdays just little man and I – we go swimming in the morning, pick up the food shopping and then home for a lazy afternoon together.

This Saturday, we had a very exciting milestone happen.

We did a wee wee in the potty! By we, I obviously mean little man. I never thought I could get this excited over hearing that little tinkle sound and seeing a beaming smile from my toddler looking at me saying – Mummy, wee wee.

After calming myself down, and him as he then took my over enthusiasm as code for lets run around with my willy out, and roar like a dinosaur at the top of my voice, it was finally time for bed.

Sitting down with a glass of wine and reflecting on the day, when did I grow in to a mum?

I felt like one. I felt proud of my little boy for weeing in the potty. I shouted it to all my social media platforms last night.

I never hide the fact that I have to try really hard to be a good mum. Sometimes my guard slips and I lose my temper and have to hide in a corner until I calm down.

I am not a natural mother. I try hard and am seeing those rewards, watching little man grow up before my very eyes.

So last night I sat with my wine, beaming with pride. I never thought I would be so happy about a wee wee in the potty.

Gone are the days where I used to share a bottle of wine every Saturday night getting ready to hit the town with my best friend. Creeping upstairs at 3am when we got back to avoid waking my parents, but waking the whole household up in the process anyway.

But….those days can sometimes still rear their head. Those nights are still a necessity. An essential part of still keeping hold of a piece of who I am.

So I may not go out every Saturday night. Hell, I don’t even go out once a month (or even 6 months), but when I do, I have such a great time and I feel a little bit of much needed independence again.

But last night, I was mummy. I was the mummy that tucked my little boy up in bed, kissed him on the forehead and beamed with pride and love.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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