The Chronicles of Toddler-hood

So toddler-hood is now in full swing in my household.

Things I have had to contend with recently have been being poked in the eye whilst asleep on the sofa on Sunday afternoon, having to drag/carry him kicking and screaming from the car after arriving home from nursery, and having to distract him long enough to hide the trains he has to bring with him each morning to nursery.


Yes, that is toddler-hood…and it is hilarious.

I laugh every day at my little man, even if that is at him having a very public meltdown in the middle of the cul de sac.

His newest fascination is with his new wooden train set that his grandparents bought him at the weekend. He goes straight in after nursery and plays for 20 minutes before bath time….absolutely amazing! Gives me a chance to get the dinner on, or the washing without having someone follow me round demanding biscuits and chocolate before bed time.

Although, not so amazing when he wakes up at 6.30am screaming for choo choos.


The next fascination is with dinosaurs. Now I am not talking dino paws on CBeebies by the way. I am talking about Jurassic World, yes the real film with dinosaurs in that eat people.

We have to watch Jurassic World every night before bed, and some times in the morning when we are getting ready for the day. He now knows how to say ‘don’t eat people’ which he loves to shout at the TV at certain points of the film.

Little weird? Yes. Concerning? Maybe a little. Funny? Most definitely.

Toddler-hood is full of twists and turns and hilarious outbursts that no one can possibly understand.

It is definitely a whirlwind, with no day ever the same. There are times that I just sit and look at him with this unconditional love that you cannot describe.


There are other times that I sit and wonder what on earth is possessing him to go that nuts about the fact I will not lock him in the car on his own…

But even through all the ups and downs, the chronicles of toddler-hood will definitely be a good one!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum
The Pramshed

6 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Toddler-hood

  1. Oh so lovely. I have all of this to come – my little one is eight months old, and her personality is starting to develop so strongly…I think my husband is really hoping she will be into dinosaurs #picknmix

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  2. Wow, that is quite a train set! I’m not surprised it keeps him occupied for so long! Toddler-hood can be such a fun stage. We’ve another dinosaur aficionado here, too! #fortheloveofBLOG

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  3. Toddlerhood really is full of twists and turns! We are just entering toddlerhood with my 13 month old daughter. It’s so fun to watch her personality emerge a little bit more everyday. She’s saying more words and moving around like crazy! It’s busy and exhausting and funny and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! #fortheloveofBLOG

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  4. This is fab ha, he sounds like such a character and his face in that first picture says it all. Bless him and yay to dinosaurs and trains 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix hope to see you there tomorrow!

    Stevie x

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