Time for a bit of me time…

When I fell asleep at 5.45pm on Sunday night for 15 minutes with my head twisted and my arm stretched over my neck, I knew it was time for a bit of me time.

Another busy week done, and another 2 weekends worked meant one thing…a day off!

I was asked on Monday, what time are you picking little man up from nursery? My response was – Oh normal time.

I didn’t feel bad or guilty. I knew I needed a day off to do what I wanted to do, and just relax.


I had my parents come up the weekend previously, and worked the Sunday. Then this weekend, I had my in laws up as I worked the Saturday.

I needed a day at home on my own to potter around.

Yes it took me nearly the whole day to clean my house. Yes I didn’t really do anything else, other than the food shopping, but I had a lovely day. I didn’t even look at my work emails until I was watching the soaps after dinner.

I picked little man up at 5.30pm as normal, and went home to do the usual bath and bed time routine.

A happy mummy equals a happy child – that is a statement that rings true in circumstances like this.

I don’t want to be a grumpy mummy, snappy and yelling over something silly. I want to be able to enjoy my time with my little boy as in the week that time is so little anyway.

So yes, I spent the day chilling out, doing the household chores and watching reality TV.

No I don’t feel bad…I had a great day off.

But I am looking forward to the weekend where I do get 2 days off with the little man..with fully recharged batteries.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Run Jump Scrap!

6 thoughts on “Time for a bit of me time…

  1. Sounds like heaven!!! I’m terrible at taking time off, I always end up sneaking a peek at work emails and then doing something – I need to make a conscious effort to stop! Well done you for taking time out! #bestandworst

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  2. As a SAHM I really crave me time! I work a few hours a week but this is as a nanny so…same stuff, different child! My Little Bear starts playgroup in September and I alternate between feeling like I’m palming him off when I don’t need to and rejoicing in the thought of some peace and quiet!

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  3. Oh I don’t blame you! I would definitely take the time for yourself and completely agree that happy mummy = happy child. I sometimes go off on a Saturday and do my own thing for a few hours – even if it’s just having a coffee with the paper on my own in peace, it makes the world of difference and I always come back more patient and calm than before. #bestandworst

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