What is job satisfaction for a working mum?

As a working mum, I need to be getting a lot of job satisfaction for being willing to be away from my child from 7.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

So what happens when that job satisfaction stops? Is it time to look at new things?

The difficulty for a lot of working mums is finding a balance. Once you find it and are comfortable in your job role, thinking about change can be stressful.



I have been in my job for 7 years. It has changed 3 times in total, but the overall job has stayed relatively the same.

Having been there for that amount of time, I have a lot of autonomy in the role. I also have a laptop meaning I can work from home if required. My manager trusts that I will do this, and knows I put in the extra hours if required.

Being in a place of work for that amount of time also means that if I have to make a dash to pick little man up if he is ill, I have the flexibility to do so.


I don’t have to worry about taking holiday. I will work when little man sleeps, or when he is in bed to make sure I have caught up with work, and keep on top of everything.

This is one of the main factors that put me off looking for another role. I would have to work hard and show I could be trusted before taking such liberties. I would have to earn the flexibility and autonomy that this job offers me already.

It is such a difficult issue to think about – one that is on my mind a lot.

I also thought about going down to 4 days a week. Unfortunately during the summer, this just would not be possible. I would probably find myself working from home on my day off to keep up to date, but not being paid for it.


This might be something that I re approach in September should our family finances allow it.

So as I try and find the job satisfaction from my current role to keep me going, I would love to hear your views on finding a balance of work and life.

Do you have job satisfaction? Did you take the plunge and move from a flexible job because you were not happy?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

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6 thoughts on “What is job satisfaction for a working mum?

  1. I am very lucky as I work for a major financial institution so they are very flexible with working from home and any other arrangements. I work full time but I do work from home 2 days a week which is great, like you say I worry if this will be the case whenever I have to move jobs.

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  2. I work part time but have similar concerns. The one thing I would like to change about my job is the commute, but I don’t feel I could get a part time role as good as my current one locally which also gives me the flexibility to work at home if I need to if illness strikes etc. Like you I have been at my company a long time so an trusted to get my work done or be honest if I can’t.

    I think a lot of the problem is how jobs are advertised. It puts mothers especially off considering because they don’t feel comfortable requesting the flexibility they need.

    For the most part I enjoy my job but on the bad days I have to dig deep to not dwell on the fact I am away from my daughter to be there. But then again there are days when my daughter is really testing the limits and my office seems so appealing…!

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  3. This sounds so much like my situation. I’ve been in my job for 9 years, and if it wasn’t for their co-operation with all my childcare needs etc then I do think I’d probably have looked for something else. If you are having a bad week it definitely does make you wonder whether it’s worth it. I hope you find a solution! #PicknMix

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  4. Before I can truly comment on work life balance I need to find myself a ‘proper job’ as people keep telling me (groan). I currently pull pints of an evening purely so my husband is there to look after the kids and they dont require child care.

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