Are pet names for children really that bad?

I read yesterday about a debate that started on Mumsnet by a woman who hates pet names for children. One of the names concerned was ‘little man.’

Now I call my little man this in my blog…it never occurred to me that someone could see this as an insult or an issue.

So are pet names for children really that bad? Why shouldn’t I be able to call my toddler little man? It isn’t offensive in any way.


One of the arguments was that you do not call girls little lady or woman, so why call a little boy a little man. Well I quite like little lady actually…

Everyone has pet names for people. I mean, my hubby definitely has a few names I call him depending on how helpful he has been that day….babe or dickhead are both a couple of regulars.

Why are people so quick to find a petty argument for things that really do not matter?

We can call our children whatever we wish. They are our children, no one else’s. If someone wants to take offence to that, then so be it.

I totally get that we do live in a world where there always will be a slight difference in girls and boys, men and women. I would not be able to do some manual jobs like men, and some men wouldn’t be good at working in an office. That is the way it is. I do think there are certain things that will not or cannot change.

pink pram

If little man (yes I am calling him little man..tut tut) wants to play with a barbie or play with dolls at nursery that is fine. But he is a typical boy also, and plays with diggers, cars and loves tractors and dinosaurs.

Unfortunately we have to realise that people can really do what they want. Especially when it comes to their own children.

So I will continue to call little man just that in my blog posts – because to me, yes he is a little boy but he is my little man.

So lets embrace peoples pet names and not be so petty or sensitive about something so silly.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



8 thoughts on “Are pet names for children really that bad?

  1. Honestly some Mumsnet members can get their knickers in a twist. Pet names are simply a way of expressing affection, defining a relationship as special – we do it with our mates, we do it with our partners so of course we’ll do it with out children. There’s nothing wrong with little man, he is in fact a little man. Actually my niece was called Little lady as a baby, her name also starts with L so it was very cute.

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  2. I’m not sure one’s suitability to work in an office has anything to do with gender, but in terms of pet names I guess it depends on the pet names being used. I don’t see anything wrong with little man/llittle lady (I call my son little man sometimes, amongst a variety of other pet names). Was the point on the Mumsnet thread that some pet names are sexist? If so, I can see how some (e.g. princess) might be considered sexist, but I wouldn’t think little man would be among them. Or at least I hope not, or I’m going to have to rethink the way I address my little man!

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  3. I call my kids little man and little lady too, I just find it so cute and makes them more adorable, isn’t it? Anyway, I can call my own kids any pet names I want, I don’t really care what other people say. #coolmumclub

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  4. Honestly what is the matter with people? Have they nothing else to think about? Why are they being so PC about this stuff when clearly we have much larger things to worry about? They are fools. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

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  5. I agree. People are so quick to judge and be offended these days. We are all parents trying to do our best for our kids. I’ll call my kids any pet names I want so long as they are OK with it.

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