Prosecco & Family Time

My weekend has been officially fueled by prosecco and caffeine….FACT!

My family came up for the weekend and arrived on Friday night at about 11pm due to a big accident on the motorway.

With a 6.30am toddler alarm clock on the Saturday morning, there was certainly no rest for the wicked. We went swimming as normal, but mum took little man in the pool whilst dad and I enjoyed a cuppa in the coffee shop.

Hubby and my brother went off to cricket, but due to the rain, it was called off before starting. Having the whole family together, and after nap time, we trooped off to East Midlands Designer Outlet for the afternoon.

It is such a great place and has something for everyone. We had a coffee whilst little man had his tea and then a little shopping spree. He even enjoyed a rather large babyccino with extra marshmallows.

My evening was then fueled solely by prosecco and Lanson champagne. After the 1st bottle, Mum and I went upstairs to watch a couple of films as the boys paid to watch the boxing.

On the second bottle, we then were singing I’m Every Woman whilst watching Bridget Jone’s Diary…..must I go on??

Mum and I

So waking up on Sunday wanting to swear at the clock when I realised what the time was, we were up again ready for another busy day.

We decided to go off to Sherwood Forest for a walk, and then little man could have his lunch whilst we had a snack in their restaurant.

It really is great to have so many forests and parks close by and easily accessible.

Little man was a little star all weekend, other than one or two mini tantrums – as to be expected by a nearly 2 year old. Seeing him grow and start to copy so many more words just proves how quickly he is picking things up and how clever he is becoming.

Sometimes he still doesn’t say thank you, but guaranteed if I say bollocks, he would pick that up straight away!

So all in all, we have had such a lovely weekend. I am writing this at work, where I am for the next few hours unfortunately. I now won’t see little man until Tuesday as I am away in Cheltenham tomorrow for a course with work.

It is crazy to think how things change in the space of a day. How you have to adapt as a working parent so quickly depending on work and schedules. That is why family time is so important.

I hope you all had fab weekends – Have a good week!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


Run Jump Scrap!

4 thoughts on “Prosecco & Family Time

  1. I was enticed immediately by this blog post title. Hehe. Oh I am missing Prosecco! It sounds like a lovely weekend – your little one seemed to be really good and you got some fun time with your Mum. Perfect. Shame reality exists at the end. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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