The weaning journey…

I read this week about a pop star in America that tweeted a picture of how she was starting the weaning process with her baby – it showed a picture of her at the supermarket with lots of different jars of food.

The post went viral with parents shaming the star about how she is using jars of food rather than making things herself.

Now, have we not had enough of bringing mothers down? Clearly not.

Our weaning journey started standing in the middle of the baby food aisle in Tesco – looking at all the different pouches and jars of different flavours.

Lazy? Maybe.

But I didn’t have the time to puree lots of different foods and label them up. I worked full time. I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending my weekend blending different types of vegetables, when the organic pouches you can get these days are nearly 100% fruit and veg anyway.

The weaning journey is different for every child and parent. It is a huge step to toddler hood.

So why do we feel the need to criticise other parents choices? We don’t know their circumstances, nor should we need to.

Ella’s kitchen pouches saved my life many a time, as did all the different flavoured baby rices.

They helped me provide my baby with so many more different tastes than I could have offered if I attempted to puree everything myself.

The last pouches I bought were for up to 1 year old.

So now he is eating big boy foods. He eats milky bar buttons, and chocolate fingers (thanks Grandad Edwards). But he also loves fruit. He would quite easily finish off a full tub of blueberries and grapes in one sitting if I let him.

love babyccino

The point is, every parent wants what is best for their child. But that is also different for every family.

Our weaning journey was absolutely fine and perfectly acceptable. Little man hasn’t missed out on any different tastes or food groups because I didn’t make everything myself.

So lets give mothers a break and let them embrace their weaning journey – we all know there is a lot worse to come than deciding whether to puree some carrot or just pop to tesco and get an Ella’s kitchen pouch.

So tell me, were you a homemade puree lover or a pouch purchasing mummy?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


2 thoughts on “The weaning journey…

  1. I remember when I said to my partner I’d never use jars of food for my son. Yet he’s had several jars from Hipp, Cow & Gate and Heinz and he’s been fine on them! And banana is a perfect breakfast choice! Its silly that we judge too easily but as long as our babies are happy why should we care, eh? Great post 🙂

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