Yes it’s Tuesday, and I’m back to work!

So it is Tuesday evening. I have had a day back in the office, and do you know what? I bloody loved it!

Don’t judge me! I loved bank holiday weekend and having 3 days off the usual routines and time keeping with a toddler, which is always stressful.

But, when Monday night came, and little man was in bed, I did do a little celebratory whoop! A whoop that I could sit and ponder life with a cuppa in the morning at my desk. A whoop that I could speak to big people, not just toddlers. And the biggest whoop that I had a day not being fully responsibility for a raging terrible two year old.

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I love my little boy more than the world. I would do anything for him.

But 3 days on my own with him (oh did I forget to mention that hubby disappeared for 3 days to play cricket?) definitely did push my boundaries and stress levels.

Luckily on Saturday Nanny & Grandad came up for the day to spend with us and it was a lovely day. Swimming in the morning, and then off to Sherwood Pines for a run around in the afternoon after nap time.

The Sunday and Monday was spent looking through my phone book to see who we could descend on and who could help entertain the little raging toddler.

Our lovely nursery room leader took on the job. She has just moved around the corner from me so we spent an hour there on Sunday and went off for a walk on the Monday afternoon.

Getting little man out was great and we definitely tired him out. It was actually so lovely to spend time with a human other than my husband and have a gossip and chat about girly stuff.

By the end of bath and bed time last night, I 100% lost my shit unfortunately for my husband. There were words of hatred yelled, plates and bowls banged around and washing thrown from one area to another.

My excuse….I am just tired. Definitely a worthy excuse for an exhausted Mummy.

So yes I will admit, even though we did have some great fun this weekend, I couldn’t wait to get back to work this morning.

It doesn’t make me a bad parent, or a bad person. It makes me a normal parent saying things that others might not want to say or even admit too.

Parenting is hard. Solo parenting is definitely harder.

All parents are amazing!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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