Rainy Bank Holiday Weekend Activities

Bank Holiday is this weekend, and I bet we are all waiting to see what the weather does? Traditionally it rains, which leaves us with little people locked in the house going nuts with no where to run off their energy.

So it just may be that this weekend will be nice….

Or it may be like every other bank holiday so far this year and rain. So if it does rain, lets be prepared. Here are my top tips on how to survive a rainy bank holiday weekend –

TIP 1 

Go swimming. Usually if you are a member of a gym, you can take children in to use the pool after a certain time and it is free. If not, then there are some great swimming pools around which aren’t too expensive to take them too.

rubber dingy


Meet up with a friend for a play date. If it is raining, I am sure your friend will also be in need of activities to keep their children entertained. So plan a date at one of your houses and the children can have a play and the mummy’s can have a cuppa and a gossip.

TIP 3 

Crafts! Now anyone that knows me and my blog knows that I am not an arts and crafts mum. However, we love the aqua doodle mat where little man can write and draw all over it, as it drys up on the mat, and he can simply draw over it again.

TIP 4 

I may not be an arts and crafts mum, but I do try and do a bit of baking. Okay, it makes a HUGE mess if little man helps but he has a great time, and then you all get to eat cake and treats afterwards. Maybe a bit of mess is worth it in the long run?

TIP 5 

Just wrap up in coats and wellies and go and get wet and muddy!

Have a fab bank holiday weekend…

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

*This post was written in collaboration with Travelbags


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3 thoughts on “Rainy Bank Holiday Weekend Activities

  1. Love these tips…I too am emphatically not a crafts mum but the doodle may sounds brilliant. We have more success with baking than crafts (and that’s not saying much!). Swimming is always good for burning off energy isn’t it and I love getting out whatever the weather but my son is not so keen!! #twinklytuesday

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