The changing faces of a (working) mum

Every Friday night, I turn from Working Mummy to just Mummy for a whole weekend.

Over the past few weeks, it has become increasingly obvious that I have 3 ‘faces.’

FACE 1 – Working Mummy

Working Mummy is smart. Working Mummy is serious and sensible, within reason. I have responsibility and targets to hit. The Mummy part has to take a back seat as best it can. Working Mummy can be seen in her office, tapping away on her laptop, and avoiding phone calls from people wanting to sell her things.

FACE 2 – Mummy

Mummy is so casual that the next stage down is pyjamas. I live in leggings and long tops, with ballet pumps at the weekend. My hair is usually scraped back in to a pony tail. I never wear make up at the weekend when I am running errands or chilling out in the house. Mummy can be found at swimming lessons, picking up the food shop and down the park.

casual mummy

FACE 3 – The Public Mummy (which can also sometimes be used when out in the evening)

Public Mummy is in between Mummy and Working Mummy. Public Mummy is used for when we visit a place with lots of people where I potentially could bump in to someone I know. Sometimes I use Public Mummy when I catch up with my friends for coffee or for lunch. Public Mummy can be seen hanging out in the coffee shop, or visiting the shops in town.

smart casual mummy

I love all 3 for completely different reasons. Dressing smart can be nice without having to worry about snot trails on my dress. Leggings and tops are the best as they are super comfy and hide the mum tum. Jeans and a top are definitely my go to items in my wardrobe for public mummy. Even though they aren’t as comfy as leggings, it makes me look a little bit less Mummy and a little more….not sure how to finish that sentence?

So those are my 3 faces. How many faces do you have and which one do you like best?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

The Pramshed

11 thoughts on “The changing faces of a (working) mum

  1. I like how wearing smart clothes for work really helps in switching my mind from ‘mum’ to ‘professional’. When I’m working I dress smart and I’m focused on work and meeting deadlines. Then as soon as I get home I put my pyjamas on and switch to mummy mode. On days I’m not working I love leggings with dresses – comfortable and ideal for running round after little ones or sitting on the floor at playgroup! #fortheloveofblog

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  2. At the moment I only have one face, as I’m currently on maternity leave. Although maybe I have – one when we go out, and another when we stay at home. On going out days it would be jeans and converse. Now that the weather is getting better I’ve started to wear dresses. On days that we stay at home (which are not very often) it would be something more comfy that I wouldn’t wear out of the house. I’m looking forward to getting back into smarter clothes in a few weeks time when I go back to work. I love your choice of outfits, especially the black and white stripe shoes. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  3. I tend to be casual mummy most of the time. I’m lucky in that I work from home so don’t need to dress up smart. But I know what you mean, there’s a lot of different sides to being a mummy isn’t there!! #CoolMumClub x

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  4. Ha ha – I love the public mummy recognition. My public Mummy outfit comes out if I’m meeting a trendy (normally no kids) friend, or going to a kids party.
    I would add ‘Mummy on a night out out’ which is some kind of pulled together attempt to be effortlessly trendy in clothes that are way past their season!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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  5. Yep I have all three to, my favourite being face 2 – Mummy. I like wearing comfy clothes and no make up when at home or if doing the shopping run, funny thing is pre-child I wouldn’t have EVER left the house without a slick of mascara on. How times change x #coolmumclub

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