Sore feet and family time…

As I am sat here writing this, I am getting ready to go to London for a couple of days. We only booked it last Wednesday night, as we have been thinking about taking a couple of days off to go abroad for maybe 2 months.

It soon got scaled back to London. Mainly due to me not really wanting to leave the country for our first time ever away from little man just hubby and I.

mothers day

So yesterday morning we would have jumped on a train….no toddler in tow and are now in London! To say that I am nervous and apprehensive is an under statement.

As I had worked A LOT on Friday and Saturday, my in laws came up to lend a hand over the weekend. They were more than happy to stay a few extra days so hubby and I could escape away.

Being husband and wife rather than mummy and daddy make take a little getting used to. We have only been on 2 date nights and 2 date days since little man was born nearly 2 years ago.

Sunday ended up being such a beautiful day that we couldn’t not go exploring and enjoy some family time…but with very sore feet.

We went off to Sherwood Forest. Like everything, it started off so lovely but ended up in a full blown toddler tantrum. This resulted in running through the car park with a screaming child under our arm.

The rest of the day was spent in the garden with a new smart trike and playing with golf clubs, outdoor cars and play houses.

It also gave me the opportunity to clean the house, even though we won’t be in it over the next few days and it will be 10 times worse by the time we return anyway.

So even though the sun won’t be shining for the whole of our trip, it will be lovely to spend some time in London…and maybe a sneaky trip down Oxford Street (it is my birthday on Friday after all).

Have a great week everyone.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



4 thoughts on “Sore feet and family time…

  1. I know that feeling when you leave your kids and just go out with hubby, it feels “weird” in the beginning, as if we were not supposed to be doing that..haha but it looks you had a great family time! Enjoy the adventure in London 😉 x


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  2. sorry! you can delete this comment after reading it, it’s just to let you know my comment came from the #bestandworst linky not #bloggerclubuk! (rookie mistake 😉 take care x

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