Do you feel guilty for leaving your child with their dad?

It is Sunday morning and I have that feeling again. I really want to go to Zumba this morning and have a bit of me time but I have that niggly feeling. I cannot put my finger on it exactly but I think it is guilt.

Hubby has been laid in bed for half an hour and I have looked after little man for an hour. Technically I will only be an hour and a quarter so he doesn’t need to look after him for much longer than what I have already done on my own this morning?

Hang on….stop!

This is ridiculous. When did it get that bad that I was counting the hours and working out who had looked after little man the most that day, and it is only 8.30am?

Why do I feel guilty for leaving hubby to look after his own son? Surely it isn’t a problem. It is in my head.

When did parenthood become a competition? Is it for other parents but just not widely spoken about?

I saw a t-shirt on facebook this week which summed it up perfectly. It basically implied that a dad wasn’t babysitting if they were looking after their own child.

It is so true.  If hubby wants to go off for an hour to the pub with his mates, then he should be able to. If I want to go to the gym at a weekend, then that is perfectly acceptable. It is about team work.

As long as we all still get adequate family time and have fun together then that is really all that matters.

It shouldn’t always be down to the mum to look after the child and manage the endless lunch and changing bags when going out on a day trip. Yet it certainly seems that way.

So let’s make a pact. The next time us mummy’s want to go out for an hour with the girls or go to the gym, let’s not feel guilty for asking daddy to look after his own child.

It should be a time to bond with their child and have fun on their own. Plus daddy’s always tend to be more fun, as we are always the ones that have to implement rules and naughty steps.

Maybe that’s another topic for debate?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

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5 thoughts on “Do you feel guilty for leaving your child with their dad?

  1. I agree with this and I’ve seen the whole ‘dads babysitting their kids’ thing before. You’re right it’s not babysitting its doing a job they signed up for! I do feel a bit guilty asking my partner to look after my daughter though so I tend to arrange things for me when she’s with her dad. #sundaystars

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  2. An hour?!! Every Saturday, after I have had a lie-in until 10am (I get Saturdays, Misery Guts gets Sundays) I head off to our allotment on my own for the rest of the day and don’t feel guilty about it at all! What with being the primary care giver during the week and broken nights breastfeeding every night I have earned that time ‘off’!! #sundaystars

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  3. Completely agree! Mummy guilt is such a weird thing?! I’m a stay at home mum while my partner is away all week working however if I nip to the shop and leave him with Mia, I feel really bad and I actually rush to get home again! I really don’t understand why as they get lovely daddy-daughter time together on their own! I must start to slow down 🙂


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  4. I always feel bad If want to go somewhere and the kids have to stay with dad,it does seem like a chore to him though it shouldnt be! He does his bit in the evenings when i have to go to work so i cantcomplain really.

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