Are we boring parents?

Now I have written a few posts recently about our weekends or family days. A lot of which follow the same pattern…a lazy day.

It got me thinking, are we boring parents? I am not sure if I would necessarily consider myself boring, but I certainly would say I was sometimes.

We don’t do a lot and what we do end up doing at weekends is largely repetitive. Hubby and I don’t go out often, and don’t have a big social life.

Swimming lessons are great and are every Saturday. Saturday afternoons are usually lazy as little man is tired from swimming. We may go to a country park for a run around.

Sundays we have a lazy morning with a likely trip to tesco for a few bits and pieces. Then the afternoon we usually go out for a babyccino and then home to clean the house.

Maybe it is because both hubby and I work full time. Would it be different if I were a stay at home mum? Would we have more time to do more fun stuff together?

I do always make sure that little man has lots to do. I am more than happy to let him watch cbeebies when we are chilling at home. He will usually go and play in his play room on his own, or I will come in with him and we play cars or build towers out of blocks together.

I worry that little man isn’t getting enough out of his weekends with us. But then I wonder what we could actually do more of. Or whether our boring nature will rub off on little man in later life.

I am not a frequent baker, or an avid arts and crafts mummy. Maybe something like this one afternoon might be what he needs. Something different.

Maybe it doesn’t actually matter all that much? He can play independently, he plays nicely with others. He will chill out on the sofa and sit nicely at meal times in his chair.

So what if we don’t do a lot at weekends. So what if we choose not to drink a lot because we don’t want to have to look after a toddler when we have a hangover.

We choose exactly what we want to do..and so should everyone.

I have spent too much of my life worrying about what others think of me. It is too exhausting to keep doing it now I have my own little family.

So here is to chilling out with a cup of tea and a chocolate bar in my pjyamas at 7pm every night..I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you a family of habit and structure? Or do you live more in the moment?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum



8 thoughts on “Are we boring parents?

  1. Definitely NOT boring. You take your little dude out to places and you play with him, that’s all he’ll want from his Mummy and Daddy time. Plus think of the amount of stimulation he’ll get at nursery; Those places are action packed so he gets his fill of kiddy socialising and messy play there.

    I only work part time and we don’t spend out days doing crafts and things. I often wonder if I’m boring but then my daughter will spend 15 minutes playing with stacking cups and I realise that it doesn’t take much for her to be happy!

    Also, I am all for the PJs all evening thing. They’re just too darn comfy!

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  2. No you are not boring! It sounds like you get out quite alot with them! Plus as long as they are happy!
    I am going back to work in July And I am dreading it! I’m trying to squeeze in as many pj days as possible! To get some real bonding time! Sometimes I feel if we are so intent in getting out all the time then you lose some of that special laughter and talking time! I said to my husband that we need more chill out family days!
    You are doing a great job!

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  3. I sometimes think we are boring as well as I love a good PJ day. But I realised when we do go out with our 6mths old, he’s sitting in his car seat, sitting in his pushchair, etc. He doesn’t get that play and bond that he gets at gimme. Obviously it’s good to go out, but it’s nice to have those family days at home as well. #justanotherlinky

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  4. I’m a creature of habit and do best with routine and my favourite way to spend an evening is to be in my PJ’s early with a bar of chocolate within grabbing distance (which is a Friday in this house). It sounds like you are doing a fine job with your little man, I do think that there is too much pressure on parents to be constantly busy with their children, when it actually does them good to learn to entertain themselves at times.


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  5. Most definitely not boring!! We live for the weekends so we can have a lie-in. The boys usually come into our beds around 8am and they watch TV until around 9 before heading downstairs for brekkie. We also have swimming on saturday mornings. Other than that our weekends usually involve food shopping of some kind and spending it chilling out at home.

    We do have periods where we have busy weekends too with friends or days out but I know that my boys are happy whichever we do! #PickNMix

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  6. I actually think it does them good to not get used to having big weekends all the time. We try and get out to local country parks and things at the weekend purely because the boys always need to let off some steam. I hardly go out either now, I’m too tired. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix

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