Our Bank Holiday weekend

Our Bank Holiday weekend was lovely. We averaged a tantrum a day which by my books, isn’t bad at all.

Saturday was a mummy and little man day. We went swimming, picked the food shop up, and had a lazy afternoon.


Sunday was the 1st of 2 family days due to it being bank holiday. We had a lazy morning and then went out to Sherwood Pines for the afternoon to brush away the cobwebs.

Sherwood Pines is probably in my top 2 outdoor places to visit in our surrounding area. I love the trees and every time we drive up the driveway to the car park, I comment on them.

Little man loves running around. It was perfect just being able to let him run off in front of us and not worry about him disappearing or getting lost somewhere.

We definitely tired him out as he went straight to sleep that night. Fresh air is amazing for small children.

Usually I struggle with Bank Holidays as it puts my week out a bit and I start worrying about work and having a day less in the office.

Not this one. I can say I for once fully embraced my Monday off. I went to the gym in the morning for an hour and then we popped to the park before the lunch time rain came down.

We visited my favourite shopping outlet in the afternoon. I needed some new gym clothes, and little man needed some new shoes. The designer outlet is perfect as they have a great Clarkes village outlet as well as lots of sports shops.

Then to round off a lovely and relaxing bank holiday weekend, we did what we seem to do at the end of every weekend…have a babyccino and a hot chocolate.

So overall, our weekend has been lovely despite a few tears and tantrums.

What have been your bank holiday highlights?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


Run Jump Scrap!

4 thoughts on “Our Bank Holiday weekend

  1. I can’t think of anywhere much better than Sherwood Pines for an active toddler to enjoy some fresh air and freedom. Great decision and a lovely sounding bank holiday weekend #TwinklyTuesday

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