I listened, and took a step back…

I was travelling back from Cheltenham yesterday and got stuck in traffic (during rush hour). I was in an awful mood trying to get home for bed time.

I hadn’t seen little man on Tuesday as I was working a long event day. It looked like I wasn’t going to see him on Thursday either.

Being in the car for 6 hours in one day gives you opportunity to ponder life and life’s expectations…and the expectation of me at the moment is high.

I get that I work full time and it is my choice to do so. But sometimes I have to say no. Now I rarely do this as I am the one that not only organises the events, but also does some sales and all the marketing. I feel guilty for not being at work sometimes to see events through, and I do not like missing things.

work and coffee

However, I got to the point this week that I said no. I was going to have to work this weekend, only for a few hours, but still work none the less.

It would have had a massive impact on my day. It meant trying to organise times to meet hubby and get little man somewhere in the morning. It wouldn’t fit in with nap times. We would have to miss his swimming lesson. It would make our day extra long and really hard work.

So I am now not working this weekend. With so many big events coming up over the next few months, I had to listen to myself and just try and take a step back.

Suffering from anxiety, sometimes things are harder for me to think about rationally and I get stressed more easily. For the sake of my family I am now spending 3 days off with them as I know we have a huge event next weekend.

I want to spend time with them and enjoy time off being mummy, not the grumpy bitch in the office…which then leads to grumpy bitch mummy and wife.

So I now get a nice bank holiday off – not to relax, which is impossible with a toddler anyway, but to go on adventures and explore new things with my little man.

That for me is exactly what I need at the moment.

What are your plans this weekend?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum



5 thoughts on “I listened, and took a step back…

  1. Your role sounds similar to mine – i manage our marketing (we are a team of 1!) and do some of ours sales. which is a team of zero. so it gets busy. and you are right, sometimes you have to say NO, thats it. im switching off for the day. i work with the states alot so it doesnt impact my wknds but it can do on an evening. i often miss bath and story time :/ #PicknMix

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  2. All I can say is that as a fellow full time working mum I feel your pain! There seem to be very few of us about (most of the working mums I know work P/T) I’m going to thoroughly enjoy a bit of time off this bank holiday weekend. #justanotherlinky

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  3. I really hope you enjoyed the long weekend together 🙂 I can’t imagine how hard it is to not be able to see them for a whole day, it’s a constant balancing act once you have children isn’t it?! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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